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December Stride: Holiday Workouts


This month in Stride we are ordering up a holiday special for you at the beginning or end of every session. When you receive a gift during the holiday season you never know exactly what you’re going to get, and the same principle is going to apply to our training sessions this month. Think of this as naughty or nice, but knowing that no matter where you fall we will be getting you out of your comfort zone.

Here is how it is going to work and why it’s going to work. Let’s say your surprise is at the beginning of class. This means you are fresh and we are going to ask you to start with something all-out, aggressive, and fast. This will focus on more anaerobic work that is designed to get you out of our comfort zone and pull true intensity while in your freshest state.  That means that the rest of the workout is going to be about fighting to hang on as it turns into more aerobic based training.

The alternative involves a surprise at the end of the workout, also known as a finisher. This is when we push ourselves through a workout and then throw something at you when you are in a very fatigued state. It is where you will see what you truly have left and how you can challenge your body after you’ve put it through endurance training. Can you turn the wheels on and find some speed?

Come in this month for your fair share of holiday cheer and decide if we’re naughty or nice!