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Fall Challenge - Connecting with our Nutrition Habits

Kristin's Chana Masala

Every challenge we do encompasses more than just a workout because living a healthy lifestyle stretches far beyond how we move, but what we do with our body inside and out. It is very likely that every person’s workout routine has varied from 5 years ago to wherever you are at today. What about what you put in your body? 5 years ago… How did you fuel? There are so many things to consider as our nutrition needs ebb and flow. There are new trends, fads, and research every year, but what truly sticks with us is habit.


We want to connect with what habits we have formed around nutrition and reestablish the practices that best suit us as individuals. It is said that nutrition is fundamental to every pillar of our health, and we couldn’t agree more. It is the root of everything, yet it can be the pillar that is most wobbly when we try to build our foundation. 


The nutrition component of the challenge is exactly as it sounds, a challenge. Often times we focus on restriction and all of the foods we can’t or shouldn’t eat. This Challenge we want to focus on our habitual eating patterns. We want to call awareness to our tendencies and build a habit that leads to the healthy lifestyle YOU want. Let’s frame this habit as a ritual and celebration of our bodies on a daily basis. 


The first step is to identify a habit that has contributed to your personal identity of what healthy living means to you. Maybe this is a lost habit or one that you want to get better at. It doesn’t have to be complicated and the challenge will not ultimately lead to perfection. It will be a test of our abilities, but with the recognition that it’s never too late or the wrong time to make steps towards bettering ourselves on a daily basis. 


Let’s crowd out our current habits that don’t serve us in a good way. Let’s be as consistent as possible. Let’s acknowledge and accept imperfection. Let’s strive to understand why we have slip-ups and bad moments. Let’s encourage each other to get right back on track because it feels good. We can’t wait for to do this together!

The Fall Fit Challenge kicks off on Saturday, October 13th for 14 days. Learn more and sign up here! Our team has been hard at work putting together an epic recipe guide that supports all of our healthy habits that we know you’ll L-O-V-E! Make sure to sign up for the challenge AND the kickoff!

All Hail the TreadMighty,

Coach Laura