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Recovery: Let's do this together.

The concept of recovery is almost a daily discussion amongst the Fly Feet coaching staff.  Our flyers are hard-working, committed, focused, and strong.  The relentless drive to be better requires a mental tenacity that is a true privilege to coach each day.  The irony is that this same tenacity is our biggest downfall on the road to fitness.  Sometimes we lose the ability to step outside of this drive to chase something better and see that which is eluding many of us:  True recovery.


Most of my life is rooted in science, I attack problems through the lenses of biomechanics, physics, and biology.  But for a moment lets reflect on a more relatable subject as it applies to recovery; fear. We have become addicted to the rush of achievement.  We train and work with such relentlessness that we now possess only one lens with which to view success.  Sometimes we are terrified of simply existing.  Living a day without a killer workout has become a bad day.  Maybe we are afraid because the hour of training is an hour to escape. I don’t discourage finding methods to momentarily escape reality, but it’s imperative we realize what we are doing.  It takes a more disciplined individual to acknowledge that everyone else in the room is training hard, yet prioritize self-acknowledgement and recover.  Sometimes we train when we shouldn’t far more than when we should.  So if the science doesn't convince us to slow down, what is in the way? Ourselves.  Let's get out of our own way!  The idea that we can’t take a recovery day because we're too competitive and everyone else is going for it is something we all just have to get over.  It isn’t about anyone else! Changing one’s pattern is never easy.  It wasn’t easy to become so relentless in the pursuit of fitness, and it won’t be easy to look inside and figure out why we’re unwilling to dial it back a few days a week, but it is necessary.  


Training simply puts the body in a position to be better, get out of the way and let your body do what it was made to do.  Without the incredible passion y’all bring to the studio there is no change, but without allowing the body to heal there is no success.  That means, pick the days that you'll come in and move, but only at 50% - 60% of your max.  Write your name in front of your tread with an "R" for recovery and stick to it.  Listen to your body.  You'll still sweat, you'll still move, but you'll allow your body to heal and improve.  Let us help you!


I have never met anyone who has told me that they want to be in good shape but only for a year.  We want to feel good the rest of our lives and that is going to require a new level of commitment.  A commitment to recovery.  If you want to start feeling better, living without pain and injury and seeing better results, then it’s on you! Ask us what to do, and we will help.  Just like training, recovery is very individualized, but it starts with a commitment to be better. Leave the excuses, ignore what everyone else is doing because to be honest, they don’t care what you’re doing. No one cares how fast or slow you are, they are too focused on themselves as they should be.  Take the next week to really dial in recovery and you will be glad you did.  

All Hail the TreadMighty,