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Get to know Coach Heidi

Fly Feet Running - Coach Heidi

We're going behind the scenes with Coach Heidi. From boxing to her laugh-attacks, there's so much to know!

Who is the person that makes you laugh the loudest? And by laugh, we really mean snort!

Lately, it’s been the FFR team in our weekly staff meeting. These peeps are crazy funny y’all! But, when I’m not rocking it with the Treadmighty, my niece Addie absolutely slays me. She’s one of those kids who makes you laugh so hard you cry but you have to hide it because she’s actually being super naughty.


How many people have you punched? And in how many different countries have you punched people? :)

It feels a little weird to answer this question, because I have punched more people than I could probably count… Let’s just say a lot. But all of them within the safety of the boxing ring! As a boxer you register your hands as weapons, (how cool is that!?!) so if you punch someone outside of the boxing gym, it gets ugly real fast! I have boxed in at least 8 different states and 5 different countries. One of the coolest feelings ever is to be lead to the boxing ring behind someone carrying the US flag!


Would you rather spend all day forced to wear boxing gloves or snow shoes?

From a practical perspective, snowshoes would be easier to manage. Except for driving. Boxing gloves would be sweatier but way cooler, and I guarantee people would take me seriously – All. Day. Long. 


What would you say is the most Minnesota thing about you?

I love hotdish. And my accent – which gets much thicker the farther North I travel. I also boast 100% Scandinavian descent. Which technically makes me Scandinavian, not Minnesotan - but it’s close. My family observes some pretty rad Swedish and Danish traditions especially around the holidays and I always feel like those are moments when I feel the strongest affinity to the North Star State.


If you could change the color of snow what would you change it to and why?

You know that multi-colored glitter you used in art projects in kindergarten… that stuff! How cool would it be to have confetti glitter snow!? I absolutely love wintertime and glitter snow would only serve to make it better. I mean, Kesha can’t be the only one who rolls around in glitter and gets away with it!


If you had $4 and were starving at the grocery store, what would you buy?

MEAT STICKS! Or cheese. I love cheese.


We know you are very talented in the arts. If you could pick one mode of art to work with for the rest of your life what would it be?

Music – I would sing and play piano all the day long.


What is the best gift you've ever given?

When I was in high school I had a friend in my choir who begged me to make him a banana cream pie for the longest time (I’m a fairly decent baker) and I chose him for our Christmas secret santa drawing. I wanted to mess with him so I gave him small gifts leading up to the big exchange that hinted at the pie, but had weird undertones – bananas, redi-whip, boxer shorts with bananas printed on them. Needless to say he was SUPER concerned about who his secret santa would turn out to be. And then for our big exchange he got the whole, homemade pie. I definitely won the award for most creative gift!


If you and Joe were king and queen of the animal kingdom, what animals would you be and why?

Joe would be a lion – no question. (I’ve actually asked him this before.) I would choose a polar bear. Again, the winter love. Also, they’re beautiful and strong. And then he could command the hot, dry places and I could watch over the cold and wet places. I guess opposites attract!


Yoga or boxing?

Yoga in boxing gloves. Or boxing barefoot on a yoga mat…? No, that’s gross. Depends on the day!