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Fly Feet Running: Coaches

We’re on a mission. A legit, relentless mission to build something different, to inspire people to live their best lives, and to have fun while we’re doing it. Wanna come?

We’re hiring coaches. They’re the people who are going to help us get the party started all day, every day, at Fly Feet. You can see the job description herebut we thought we’d give you a liiiiittle more info…


First, a little bit more about what we do: our running and strength-based workouts will be in a high-energy group setting. They’re dynamic and purposeful, combining speed, hills, intervals, strength training and stretching that will get you in your best shape, ever.

The FFR experience is unique. Our coaches coach. The pack motivates. The classes are educational. The music is intoxicating. It’s fast paced. It’s FUN. Each person chooses their own pace, but everyone is part of the pack. 

We believe working on a dynamic team makes the creative process infinitely better because many brains working toward building something super awesome is way better than one brain.

You’ll coach classes, but more importantly, you’ll help us launch and build the brand in a team environment. We want people who are willing to act like they own the place to deliver the best experience to our customers, but are humble enough to listen and continuously learn. 

We want people invested in building a culture of support, inclusivity, transparency and bold ideas. And last (but definitely not least), we want people who are passionate about inspiring people to live their best lives.


So, if you like missions and having fun, then we should meet.  Drop us a line:  lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com

Fly Feet Running