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Get to know Coach Aaron

Fly Feet Running - Coach Aaron

We're going behind the scenes with our Director of Fitness & Coaches, Aaron Leventhal.

Aaron with his wife Christine and 4 kiddos

Aaron with his wife Christine and 4 kiddos

Q. You’ve got to have one vice… what is it? Do you secretly binge-watch Scandal on Netflix? Do you have a bag of gummy worms hidden in your night stand? We want to know!

A. I love chips ahoy double chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate milk……..ha, just kidding.  I do love baking, but it’s all pretty clean.  Love those ginger snap cookies that I make, but that doesn’t really count because they are sweetened with Black strap molasses.  I’m a nerd!


Q. What is your all-time best (or current?) 2’ max rep burpee score?

A. I think on a good day I could hit 40!  Love this question.   I”m going to give it a shot later today.


Q. When is the last time you brushed (or cut) your hair?

A. Well, the other day I pulled out a plantain chip from somewhere up there and I have’t had plantain chips in a few weeks, so it’s been a while!  Just kidding!  I never brush my hair.  Ever heard of a Jew-fro?  It would just puff way up.  It hasn’t been cut in almost a year.  It’s the longest it’s ever been.


Q. Favorite pizza topping? 

A. So good! Goat cheese, balsamic reduced onion, some smokey grilled chicken, and arugula, drizzle a little bit of the balsamic reduction on top.  OF course cauliflower crust!


Q. Favorite place to go on family vacation?

A. We have this wonderful farm we visit on summer vacation.  Kinnickik farm in Illinois.  We take care of pigs, chickens, goats, and harvest amazing organic vegetables.  We basically work the farm in the morning and do all the chores.  Then we chill out and play all day.  It’s beautiful out there!


Q. Least favorite (or most painful) mobility exercise for you?

A. Double Lacrosse ball T-spine mobility with someone standing on my chest.  It’s so painful and so blissful all at the same time.


Q. Favorite restaurant and/or best menu item in Minneapolis?

A. I have to go with French Meadow on Lyndale.  It’s been there forever.  All local ingredients, all organic, great atmosphere!  Plus, I used to work there a long time ago as a barista and sue chef.