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Chicago Marathon - Team Hazelden Betty Ford

Post by: Tommy Bennett, Fly Feet Member

Fly Feet Running

Over the last few years, this quote from Olympic Gold Medal runner Wilma Rudolph has stuck in the back of my mind. I think about it every time I walk into the studio at Fly Feet and hop on a treadmill. I repeat it to myself when I walk up to a marathon starting line - and when I feel like I can't keep going at mile 21. It's written in the corner of just about every notebook I have for complex work projects. And, most importantly, it is what I remind myself when I think about my life as a person living in recovery from addiction. 

For me, running and recovery go hand-in-hand. During my first year of sobriety, I dusted off my running shoes and signed up for my first marathon. What started as a way to keep my mind and body focused on a new, healthy way of living taught me more than I could have imagined about what it means to move from struggle to triumph. At 11 months sober, I crossed the finish line of the Twin Cities Marathon with a time of 2:56:33. It meant more than running 26.2 miles - it represented the limitless possibility for my life if I continued living in active recovery. 

The life I get to live today was made possible because of the time I spent at the Hazelden Betty Ford Center's residential treatment program. I can wholeheartedly say that the work they do makes a difference in the lives of people who are affected by addiction - both patients and their families. Without their help, I know I would not be where I am today. 

This fall, fellow Fly Feeter, Courtney and I are thrilled to be running the Chicago Marathon with Team Hazelden Betty Ford - an official 2017 Chicago Marathon charity partner. Together, our team of 11 runners has a goal of raising over $15,000 to help people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction afford the treatment they need to move from struggle to triumph. Our Friends at Fly Feet are pretty awesome (duh, you know that already!!) and are helping us kick off the fundraising efforts.

Join us for a donation based class on Saturday, June 10th at 11:00am. We'll have raffles and refreshments - all proceeds from the class will go directly to this amazing organization and give someone a chance at a new way of living.

Can't make it to class? We'll be selling $1 raffle tickets at the front desk!

Fly Feet Running

Courtney and I couldn't do it without all of your support - thank you for being a part of our fundraising and inspiring us as we gear up for Chicago 2017!