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Summer Challenge: #changeyourpattern

Fly Feet #changeyourpattern

It’s May.  It’s warm outside.  It’s a long way from January.  Do you remember what you committed to in January?  I committed to meal prep.  And right now, it’s Sunday night and I just ate a bowl of granola for dinner.  (It was a small one, though.)  


When you really want something, you’ll find a way.  When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse.  For me today it was the triple threat of we don’t have any food, I didn’t eat that much today, and I don’t have time.  How does your subconscious know what you want and what you pretend to want?  It looks at your patterns.  You should ask Ben how many times I’ve committed to meal prep.  A gazillion.  For me it’s either I’m a machine and could provide tupperware meals for our entire neighborhood, or I’m eating the amazing sweet and salty combo of cashews and grapes for dinner.  There are so many reasons why I want to, have to, neeeeeeeeeed to meal prep.  You know what they all are.  But … here I am sitting at my laptop with a bowl of granola that I’m eating with a Star Wars spoon writing this blog.  (I swear, I did not plan this.)


Enter the summer challenge.  This is about recommitment to the vows we took in January.  BUT THIS TIME FOR REAL PEOPLE.  We’re not talking a lifestyle overhaul, we’re talking committing to ONE THING.  But, not just committing.  Really rolling up our sleeves and fighting our instincts to change our pattern.  The pattern where we are committed until we’re not.  We will dig into that stuff and figure it out.  I know in my brain why I should meal prep.  Not doing it is standing in the way of other goals I have.  So why do I ALWAYS fall of that wagon?  


I know in other facets of my life I can commit to something - for example, I’m still married, I’ve never fallen off the fitness wagon (mostly because I’m trying to offset cashews and grapes - - and also, I love it), and I’ve run a zillion marathons.  Here are just a sampling of things I’ve committed to many, many times that are still not consistently part of my life - meditation, yoga, reading the WSJ daily, mobility every night before bed, drinking enough water, meal prep … I mean, I can keep going.  We all have our thing and together, we’re going to figure it out.  


So the summer challenge.  It’s here.  14 days of amazing training sessions.  A recipe guide with delicious, whole foods.  A scorecard to hold you accountable.  Daily email inspo to hold you accountable.  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s about digging really deep and deciding what pattern you’re going to change.  We will all declare it, own it, dig into it and ca-rush it.  What will you commit to?  Pick one thing.  Don’t just commit to it.  Really dig into it and figure out what it’s going to take to train your mind to #changeyourpattern.  You know what mine is.  What’s yours?    


Let’s do this together.  Sign up now right here.


All Hail the TreadMighty,