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Ready for the 21 Day Challenge?

Fly Feet Dexafit

I've been a flyer since the beginning.  I did the January challenge last year and loved every minute of it.  This year, Fly Feet is adding a little extra to the challenge if you're interested in learning more about exactly where you are as a baseline ... Dexafit.

As I write this, I’m thinking...why would I ever recommend Dexafit to someone else?  {Dexafit is the gold standard for body composition (body fat) testing with a location in Bloomington, MN.}  I left there feeling awful. I believed (in my own competitive mind where I win all the time) that Brandon would give me high fives and tell me how amazingly fit I was.  Guess what, that didn’t happen.


But here’s what did happen...I remembered the coaches from my early days at Fly Feet telling me that we never actually ARRIVE at fitness.  This is true for EVERYONE. Elite athletes walk in to Dexafit and feel the same way.  They want to feel they’ve arrived, just like I did and just like you might.  But remember, N=1.  We work for our own results when we walk through those doors.  We get ourselves out of bed early, we come over lunch instead of meeting friends or working at our desks. 


Dexafit is a point in time, a measurement for us to use for ourselves.  We don’t have to post it on Insta, we don’t have to tweet our results.  We just have to decide what we want to do next...for us.  For me, I’ve decided to use my results as a starting point.  I don't necessarily want to lose weight, but turning some of my fat mass into lean muscle mass is my goal.  It will be one element of what I look at while chasing my fitness, along with how I feel, how much I lift, how fast I run, how well I sleep, how well I eat.  


So use the community around you to help drive the goals you’re working towards.  Or don’t.  It’s up to you.  All of the coaches have done the testing (and to be clear, most of them feel the same way).  Talk to us, set your goals but remember, we’re here to help when you want it.  We gotchu.


Sign up for the 21 Day Challenge here.  Any questions - hit us up:  lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com  If you want a baseline of where you are before the challenge starts, sign up for your Dexascan.  Know the exact location and percentage of fat, bone and lean muscle throughout your body to fine-tune and supercharge your training and diet for better results.  Dexafit has partnered with Fly Feet for the challenge and giving us access to these state of the art tests for just $99 - a $299 value!  


All Hail the Treadmighty,



**Wayzata Founding Members - you are able to sign up for the challenge on 12/26 when your membership activates! :)