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Casidy's Sugar Detox

Fly Feet Spring Training


Guest blog from one of our favs - Casidy.  Check out her sugar detox progress!


I started my sugar detox on March 1 and my goal is to be on this zero added sugar zero processed food cleanse until I leave for the Bahamas on March 27.  I'll be honest, I am a sugar addict.  Like my body physically craves sugar on a daily basis, when I'm stressed, when I'm happy, you name it!  So this is HUGE for me!  I started early because I feel this is something I need a little extra time doing - it's my kryptonite, my crutch, and some extra time focusing on this will be good for me. 


I'm on day 5 ... and if I can do this, ANYBODY CAN!


Day 1 was like, "HEEEEEYYYYYYY!  Look at me!  4 hours no sugar!  I got this!"  Then 8 hours went by and I'm like, whoa, I feel like I'm missing something, but ok, it's ok, I got this.  Kept thinking about the "take it 10 seconds at a time" on the treadmill.  And when I made it through 1 whole day I was so surprised and happy!


Day 2 started out well ... and then I went to a FFR workout and was like:  what. is. going. on!  I had NOTHIN' in the tank!  Legs were literally like bricks.  But then I remembered the zero sugar and had a little compassion with myself.  By the end of day 2 I had hit a brick wall.  I was physically and mentally exhausted and SO TIRED!!!  It was a really tough day mentally, but I got through it.  MIRACLE.


Day 3  woke up ELATED.  Went from brick wall to feeling like I was sliding down a slide from the top of the brick wall.  Felt free and light and happy!  Could seriously NOT BELIEVE I had made it this far, but was all the more adamant to stick it out having completed 2 entire days.  I'll be honest, day 3 was HARD.  It started out good, feeling high on making it this far with no sugar, but as the day progressed it was really, really difficult... harder than day 2.  I had a headache. I was exhausted.  Moody.  Found that herbal tea worked to curb the cravings.  The fact I made it through day 3 was a miracle, but again, kept thinking, "lets take this 10 seconds at a time ... we got this".  Made it through!  


Day 4  was overall really great!  Went to FFR and took a recovery day.   Felt pretty good and had some left in the tank at the end.  I felt strong on the floor and on the pull up bar.  I went to the grocery store after to stock the house and that was tough .. sad mostly .. looking at all of those amazing beautiful carbs at Whole Foods .. giving them a familiar nod but going for the sprouted pumpkin seeds instead.  Those are incredible, by the way!  Day 4 was about just missing the sugar.  Not craving it, just kind of missing it.  


Today is DAY 5!!! I have gone this long with ZERO added sugar and ZERO processed food and I'm feeling really GOOD!  I know this is something I HAVE TO DO to get to the next level of fitness I'm aspiring to - dropping a little more weight for the purpose of feeling better and running faster ... and being able to achieve my goal of a STRICT pull up!!!


OK so my purpose of writing this is to let you know if I can do this, anyone can.  Everyone at FFR who signs up for the Spring Training can get through those first few days ... because once they do, it seriously gets easier and easier, and you feel better and better!


Some of the things I've found helpful:  herbal tea; "treating yourself" with other things like massage, facial, a new book, naps, and epsom salt baths!


All Hail the TreadMighty,