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Behind the scenes: Space Design

Fly Feet Running

We are beyond excited to share the Fly Feet concept with our Minneapolis community.  It’s been almost two years in the making and it will all come to life this November right in the heart of downtown.  But truthfully, half the fun is bringing a new idea to life.  So before you see the final product, we want to bring you behind the scenes of how we designed our experience. 

Fly Feet is about much more than a killer workout, it’s about our collective journey to live a healthy life, and we created a space with these things in mind... 

Connect  //  Anytime I can grab 10 minutes to crank through a bit of work or email is like gold.  I also relish the time I have to sit down and connect with my peeps during the day.  We have designed our space with that in mind.  Working stations, hangout stations have been incorporated throughout the space so that people can just take a moment and connect.

Outside in  //  A big part of why I run is to just be outside and enjoy nature.  (Except for that one time I got attacked by an owl.  More on that later.)  So, we designed the space with a nod to bringing the outside in.  Reclaimed wood, moss installments, and plants through the space remind us being healthy is about enjoying life.

The sacred temple  // It goes down in the studio.  We call it our sacred temple of the fitness faithful.  It’s where your mental game comes to life just as much as your physical one.  We swap the zone-out for the all-in..., fueled by our pack.  And the design aesthetic is reflective of that with dark gray tones and mood lighting – a stark contrast from our poppy bright colors in the rest of our space.   

Style game  // Obviously, half the battle of getting in a great workout is feeling like your workout gear is on point.  We got you in that department too.  We’ll have a curated assortment of big brands you recognize, as well as smaller boutique brands that are new to Minneapolis from New York and LA.   

Pamper me please  //  I am a product junkie.  My last job leading the Beauty biz for Target didn’t help my cause.  (You should see our bathroom.)  So, be assured that the locker rooms at Fly Feet will be well stocked with the best products to make you feel prepped and ready for your day.


Follow along on Insta for more behind the scenes moments.  And get ready for the ultimate all out workout designed to get you fitter, faster, stronger, together! 

Fly Feet Running