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Black Hole of Training blog post via Fly Feet Running

If you find yourself stuck here, ask yourself this:
“How am I ever going to lose 10 lbs if this is where I live, and nothing ever moves or changes?”

Because nothing ever moves or changes when we live in the Black Hole of Training. That place where just enough is good, but too much makes us uncomfortable. That place that makes us think we are changing because we are sweating, or covering the miles, or putting in the time. But we never get faster and our bodies don’t change. Ever been here?

It’s a common place to be stuck. For runners, the Black Hole of Training is when our sprint speed for 400 meters is almost the same as our run speed for the 5K. Weight lifters, we’re in the Black Hole of Training when we use the same kettlebell weight for 10 reps as we do for 50.

There has to be dynamic and broad change in our intensity to make – no, FORCE – change in our bodies. We have to run really fast when we sprint shorter distances. We have to lift something really heavy when we lift for lower reps.

The more deviation we create between our slow and our fast, our light and our heavy, the more our bodies are forced to adapt and the more we will change. Actually CHANGE.

When we are in the Black Hole of Training, we don’t see change our my performance levels or in our bodies. We can’t fool ourselves into thinking we are running fast for one mile when we could actually maintain that same pace for a 5K!  

We have created workouts (and mindsets) that actually create the change we want to see. Together, we’ll find that point where we actually change.