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August Stride: Mechanics Matter


As we approach the final months of summer we have accumulated lots of sunny outdoor miles and intense workouts in the studio. Throughout the summer it is easy to bypass the necessary time to warm up, cool down, and do the little maintenance that matters in order to keep our bodies strong and healthy. This is why we are focusing on how we prep before our Stride workouts in the month of August.

We will have a mechanics-based approach to our warm up and prep that will focus on stabilizing and strengthening the parts of the body that carry us through both the all out efforts and the grinding long runs. When we train alone or on treadmills it is easy to lose sight of the way we utilize our midline. When we refer to our gait there are a few main points we dive into and they are all completely related because we know that our body is a system of systems working together. 

The main points we talk about are an unbroken midline. This means keeping tension on our core and keeping our hips in a stable, neutral position as we fatigue over miles or challenge ourselves in the midst of an all-out sprint. We discuss pulling against the ground with our glutes and hamstrings to relieve strain from the hip flexors. We emphasize the importance of a mid-foot strike over a heel or toe strike. 

Listen to how your coach applies these mechanics to the prep, the workout, and the cool down. It takes practice to improve our gait and it all begins with knowledge and awareness. We are excited to dive into it this month in Stride so check out the schedule and come join us! Fall racing season is right around the corner.