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Stride: Running Mechanics Matter

Fly Feet Stride

The August Stride theme has a mechanics-based focus.  This is a critical element of our daily movement practice. We are dialing into the core and the importance of strength maintenance. When we talk about core we go beyond just the abdominals. This extends into our hips, glutes, hamstrings, lower back and the way they all work together. These areas are targeted to maintain overall health and specifically to help prevent injury.


We choose to train at a high level of intensity when we come to Fly Feet Running because we know that is what drives change both physically as well as in our performance. With intensity, we have to manage efficiency, and safety at the same time. Safety doesn’t mean ensuring that we don’t fall off the treadmill or trip over a pull-up bench (guilty of this). It means safety in the way we move when we pull such high levels of intensity. When we are speaking to running it means being able to move with proper mechanics. This looks like a stable, unbroken midline, your foot strike landing right underneath your center of mass, mid-foot striking the ground first, a slight lean forward at your ankle, etc.


This month in Stride we are addressing how to stabilize our core. In our warm ups we will center our focus on mobilization and strengthening the core. Whether it’s a dynamic stretch, a squat, or an all-out sprint we need to think about staying controlled through our midline so that the rest of our mechanics stay strong.