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Fly Feature: Fly Feet Member #1 - Amber K.


There is something to be said about signing up for a race or event that feels a little intimidating or out of reach. Putting a goal out there that holds some degree of uncertainty is one of the most challenging things we do as humans. We are letting in the possibility of failure. When we set out to do these kinds of things it can be so helpful to have a game plan, a coach, a sounding board. This is exactly the process Amber K. went through. Please note that she is THE VERY FIRST member in this history of Fly Feet. She shares her experience of how she trained and got through her marathon after a 10 year hiatus. Check it out!

First things first. Signing up for Grandma's Marathon.

After being inspired by all the frequent flyers and coaches at FFR for over a year, I was itching to do another marathon.  As someone who frequents FFR 2-3 times per week, I was having difficulty imagining how to fit marathon training into my daily routine that includes working full time and chasing two young kiddos.  The reality that it had been nearly 10 years since my last marathon was equally daunting.  And unlike a fine wine, my body has not been getting better with age.  Insert Coach Laura.  

The Game Plan.

Laura put together a training plan for me that incorporated a couple FFR workouts per week, flexibility, someone to keep me honest with my training plan and challenging workouts to help me run my fastest marathon ever.  She was available for questions … like is it bad to do too many icebaths?  And how should I train when I’m spending 30 hours in a plane over 4 days?  For those of you familiar with Stride, there were some classic Laura workouts. Think threshold runs with ladders, mile repeats, and tempo runs.  Even though I ran by myself for most of these workouts, I could hear Fy Feet coaches energetically talking me through these intervals the whole time. As hard as some of them were, I knew these threshold runs were the workouts I needed to prioritize to get faster.  It was these workouts, coupled with some long distance runs with fellow frequent flyers (hello Anna Pink!) that built-up my endurance and speed to run my fastest marathon yet.  Mission accomplished.

Reflecting on all the hard work.

The craziest moment of my training was doing 16 miles on the treadmill because there were over 20” of snow outside and that was the only day I could find time to do the miles.  Remember April 14th, 2018?  You can only imagine the tactics I tried to entertain myself on a treadmill for 16 miles.  I’d do back to back tread and shreds before ever doing that again. Laura was also helpful in reminding me how important mobility is, so naturally I travel with a lacrosse ball now and might have prioritized space in my luggage for a foam roller.

The picture above is from mile 24 - I'm pretty sure the words coming out of my mouth were Ï'm all done...outta gas!".... you can tell by my flat feet and super short stride.  :)    (**It should be noted that Amber was sporting the FFR gear at the marathon - oh yeah, and CRUSHED her PR!**)

At the end of the day the training program was outstanding.  It was perfect for what I needed.  Perfect...just like FFR.  I love all of it.  Thank you!!  

Congrats, Amber!!! We are so honored to have you in our community and sharing your journey with us. If you are interested in a personal training plan for any upcoming races email us at lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com.