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All about the Run Club


The Fly Feet Run Club has stepped up its game as we enter the 2019 season in ways that are all catered to YOU. There are goals to be met and people to do it with whether you are a first time jogger, seasoned marathoner, or somewhere in between. Like all things at Fly Feet, the Run Club is an extension of the bigger belief in chasing a lifestyle that you love. It’s about making goals to get better, proving that you are progressing, and achieving what is meaningful to us as individuals. Fly Feet makes it better by providing us with inspiring humans to do it side by side with! For many people running means a whole lot more than just a workout. Running, is an emotional experience that provides mental clarity, a competitive outlet that brings out extreme resiliency, and an authentic union of like-minded people. 

The Power of the Pack

I hope you’ve felt it in the studio before. It starts as an endorphin party that quickly turns into breathy cheering, sweaty high fives, and silent nods of acknowledgment. At its best Fly Feet has delivered an unmatched respect for those around us and the same mantra rings true as we take our training outside. Committing to a run with someone new is a vulnerable place to be. Can I keep up? Will I have someone to run with? What if I need to stop and walk? What if I’m alone? What if I get lost?! Those thoughts can run rampant in our heads, but they can’t prevent us from showing up because there is no way around getting out of that space of vulnerability except by practicing. The Run Club is here to build community, to train together, to learn about ourselves both physically and mentally. If you’re nervous to do it then perhaps that means it is worth it.

The Why

Run Club workouts are designed to be specific, to get you moving, and to give you benchmarks for where you’re at against the goals that you have set. The effort we put into our programming is intentional, scalable, challenging, and meaningful. This isn’t logging mindless miles. Our time spent outside will be based on intervals at race paces, hills workouts that build strength and power, developing our ability to actively recover, and so much more. Each week will have a different theme that progresses throughout the season as we gear up for the racing season!

Step one is giving yourself a shot. Step two is showing up. Step three is putting the time in. We can’t wait to see you at the kickoff in Wayzata on March 9th!