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Summer Runnin’: A chance to fall in love

My love story with running didn’t happen in the midst of a soul-crushing workout or in a record-setting race, it happened on the roads. I was a young, shy girl that felt as powerful as a lightening bolt when I hit the roads at a pace that felt like flying. Here is your chance to take in the fresh air of summer and soak in some Vitamin D that you don’t get from the green glow inside the studio (unfortunately).

This is the lowdown on what the Fly Feet Outdoor Run is all about, why you should spend your Sunday mornings with us, and how to make the most of it. This is not your typical group run. Like all things Fly Feet, it is dynamic, it is fun, and it has a purpose.

First and foremost, Fly Feet doesn’t function without the wonderfully unique, powerful, and inspiring members that comprise it. This is a chance to get to know your Flymates in a different setting – outside running wild and free.

It is more than just an outdoor run – it’s a diagnostic. Just like in a Tread and Shred, our Outdoor Run is subjective. We won’t tell you how fast or how far to run, but we will give you parameters and benchmarks to chase down. Here is what you can expect when you show up next Sunday.



Warm up is in the studio. It is a short series of running mechanics and drills followed by short bouts on the tread to apply the drills. It is designed to create a mind-body connection that helps you become a more efficient runner. Your body can’t change its stride overnight, but these drills will get you on the fast track. Time will also be spent working through a light strength component that will lend a hand in injury prevention.


The Game Plan

Before takeoff there will always be a route planned out with maps available to take with you. There will be a shorter route option (between 4-6 miles) and longer (8+) to accommodate all levels. And here is where we flip the script on how we approach our outdoor run. There will always be the option to log your miles and call it a day, but how we prescribe this outdoor run is very different.


The Diagnostic

Each week we lay out a plan for you consisting of time trials and tempo runs. Fly Feet philosophy doesn’t work on slow, easy mileage. We know that high intensity training at paces that push you beyond your limits will get you faster, fitter, stronger.  Depending on the week, a time trial or tempo run will be mapped out. This is how you evaluate your training progression. They are checkpoints that allow you to see what training schematic works for your body and gives you concrete evidence/feedback as to how you should tinker with your training blocks.


The Cool Down

We end each Sunday at home base where we have core and mobility options to close out a successful Sunday morning. Easy like Sunday morning :)


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