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21 Days of Magic

Fly Feet Challenge

We made it through the 21 day challenge!! So… we can stop now, right?! Ummmm no.  (Sorry.)  Fitness is something that we chase for the rest of our lives. But, it's important to take a second and look back on the past 21 days and reflect on a few things we can take away from it. Where did we improve, take chances, and learn from our failures?


Depending on your personal 21DC goals, you might have seen improvement in different areas. For me it was about an overall feeling. I woke up sore (and I mean sore, like to the point where I thought, “What are these muscles I never knew I had!?”) but as we rolled into the second week I started to feel great. I was still sore, obviously, but my mood had improved and I had a lot more energy throughout each day. Some of you might be like, “Hey, my goal was fat loss and I noticed that I actually gained a pound or 2.” DON’T BE ALARMED!! That’s actually very normal and not a bad thing at all. Why, you ask? Let’s start with muscle. First off, muscle weighs more than fat. When you weight train you will actually gain more weight than you lose in the first 3-5 weeks. This happens to me every challenge I do. So if this sounds familiar, understand that it’s ok and totally normal. There are so many other positive things that come from training hard, eating well, recovering with intention, hydrating and getting good sleep.  (Yes, you did ALL of that!)


Things are about to get fun. Trust me, it’s a process that takes time. These are the times in training that get me super hyped because right beyond where you are now is where the magic happens. Stick with it!  Here are three keys to continue crushing your goals coming out of the challenge:


Find your edge.  

I know I yell many random things in the studio, but I do this to inspire you to take a chance and find your edge, your intensity and that feeling of “Oh s***, I might not make it, but I’m going for it.” All of the coaches do this because when you are at that edge - - flirting with that line of wanting to stop and just barely hanging on - - is where we see the biggest changes in your fitness. That intensity is what drives change both in your performance and in the way your body looks.


Be willing to fail.


Failing is ok? Yes, it’s okay to fail. If we’ve never failed in a workout or in life, then we never took a chance and we always played it safe.  Failing gives us something to chase.  We have to get out of our comfort zone and take chances. I will be honest, I am notorious for crashing and burning while I train, going too hard to the point where I need to stop, but every time I do this I learn something new about myself and through this I set new goals to chase, because the chase never stops.


This is a journey and a lifestyle.


It’s easy to look at the last 21 days like a quick fix, something that you can leave behind now this it’s over. That sounds great to me too. But that's not the point. That being said though, committing to the last 21 days was a great way to jump start. All of you crushed it! You tried new speeds, heavier weights, and a different nutrition plan during this challenge. We started to bridge the gap between where we are today and where we want to go. I encourage all of you to take what we have learned in the past 21 days and carry it forward into your daily routines as we continue down the path of fitness. Find what worked and incorporate these changes. I’m not telling you to never go to a happy hour or enjoy a glass of wine. (If you do, don’t forget my invite haha!!) Rather, use some of this new knowledge to help you feel better, improve as an ATHLETE and keep crushing 2018! Congrats gang!


Thank you all for getting after it this last 21 days! Lets get after some more, chase new goals and crush this! See you all in the studio soon, you all are my motivation to keep chasing right along with you! LETS GO!   


All Hail the TreadMighty,