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Get to know Lesley!

Fly Feet Lesley

Meet Lesley.  She's fit, fearless, fabulous and so. much. fun.  From coaching, to marketing partnerships, she helps keep Fly Feet flying high.  She's a mom, a savvy business mind, an incredible motivator, and she always manages to figure out how to get all of us laughing.  Oh and, don't let that smile fool you, she's a beast in the studio.  

You first came to Fly Feet because you and Kristin are two fierce and fit friends. Tell us about the birth of this friendship. 

I first met Kristin through a very good, mutual friend when the Shane’s were living in Canada and working for Target.  A few years later, I was calling on Kristin as a vendor for Target. I had so much respect for the way she managed her business.  She was fun, fair and drove amazing results. We connected on so many levels.  When I learned she was starting Fly Feet, I wanted to do anything I could to support her.  Little did I know the impact it would have on me.  (Insert sappy sentiments here - you’re welcome for sparing you!)


If you had to chaperone one of your children’s first dates what would you hope the date would be?

My children won’t be allowed to date until I’m dead.  Next question. 


Your family is one strong unit. If you could be a pack of animals instead of humans what kind of animals would you be?

At the risk of being cliche I’m going to say wolves...for two specific reasons.  1) Wolves have great natural instincts, they trust their hearts and they are incredibly loyal. Who wouldn’t want to be that as a family? 2) My Grandma Rose was always drawn to wolves.  As close as I was to her growing up, I never understood why.  Once I had my own family it began to make sense.  (Did Grandma Rose channel you to ask this question?)


You and Jeff (your hubs) do Fly Feet workouts together on the reg, but if you two had to be teammates in some other sport what would it be?

We’d do the Amazing Race.  From the time we met, we’ve taken pride in our ability to handle adversity while traveling, without drama. We just hunker down (Jeff’s term) and do what we need to do.  Ask us about some of our travel issues. (Expired passports, nowhere to stay, wrong travel dates on flights) but we always get where we want to be when we want to be there.  


You are a marketing guru at your core, what is your favorite brand and why?

Chanel.  It’s timeless, iconic and who can’t picture the logo right now? Boom.


If you could start your own business what would it be?

This is totally random…but I’ve often thought about a business called “MakeMeABetterPartner.com”. It would be centered around helping people choose gifts for their partners.  As an example, buying roses on Valentine’s Day is nice but buying daisies on January 14th with an invitation to a date on Valentine's Day means so much more. You’d give me important details (birthday, anniversary, hobbies, etc), I’d plan the year and offer suggestions for gifts for the year based on your pre-determined budget.  


Name your favorite Fly Feet workout to date.

On the treadmill, 30” on/30" off - 16 rounds.  On the floor, same time domain, alternating between chest press and burpees.  Important note - it is entirely possible that I just made that up.


If you had to pick one staff member to team up with in a partner workout who would it be?

Ooohhh…that’s tough.  So. Many. Choices. Don’t make me do this.  


If your family could be sponsored by one restaurant what would it be and why?

Manny’s.  Amazing steaks, generous cocktails (non-alcoholic for the kids), bartenders that know your name.  


Leaving on a jet plane in 3 hours. Where are you going, who is with you, and what’s the one thing you have to pack?

Easy (but it’s a two-stop trip).  First stop, skiing in the Swiss Alps.  Second, relaxation in Bali.  Jeff is with me and I’d pack my phone so I can text/face time our kids. (And so I can play candy crush at night to clear my mind and fall asleep.)