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Spring Training: 14 days of glory

Fly Feet Spring Training

Spring has sprung at Fly Feet and we are taking two weeks to go all in, once again. It’s been a couple months since our 21 Day Challenge kicked off 2018, and what a start THAT was. You committed so much of your time, energy, and intensity to yourself and that studio and it was incredible. As coaches we value that a billion times more than how fast or strong you are. We ask that you come in, give it your all, and be proud of what you accomplished. We also want you constantly learning about your body and what you can do, which brings us to Spring Training.


It is our hope that you all walk away with a better understanding of your training regimen, how it impacts your body, and how to recover from it. The spring challenge is about different levels of intensity and volume. It's 14 days straight.  But don't let that throw you - it's specifically designed to allow you to do one workout after another and, if you spend the time recovering, you'll be good to go!  Here is how it will break down:


High intensity will always be paired with low volume. This means that efforts on the tread will be much shorter, but much faster. This also means that strength and lifting heavy loads will be a huge component to this day of training. You will be MOST tired after these days because it demands more of your central nervous system.


Days with moderate intensity and moderate volume will allow us to spend time working on efficiencies. These will be efforts ranging from 2-4 minutes getting us to spend more time increasing our ability to uptake oxygen.


Lastly, we have low intensity with high volume. Do not confuse low intensity with easy - rookie mistake. These are going to be training session that are very continuous, limited rest, and high volumes in our movements on the floor. A lot of the floor work will be body weight or done with moderate to light loads. This type of work will be less fatiguing because the work is a little more manageable and less stress on your body.


Recovery days are a big part of program because when we train hard we have to recover harder. This means 60% or less effort in the hour-long training session. We want you to understand the value and effectiveness of recovery on your body to take advantage of the days when we train the hardest.


Last little surprise is that both Treadmighty 1.0 and 2.0 will be on the bookends of this challenge! We are kicking off the challenge with Treadmighty 2.0 happening on Saturday and ending the challenge with Treadmighty 1.0 so you can check back in with your scores from the 21 Day Challenge.


All Hail the TreadMighty,