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Fly Feet Running Coach Will

The magic of Fly Feet is multi-dimensional and one of the most important dimensions are our coaches. Their energy and personality bring the workout to life, and Will, one of our newest coaches, is a natural at this! Will is an experienced dancer, runner, coach, coffee drinker, dreamer, and honestly the list could go on. This uber-talented coach has jumped all in so get to know him here and in the studio! We are pumped to have him on the dream team!

1.  You’re one of the busiest bees in the hive so we want to know what hour of the day is your favorite and why? 

I am a firm believer that the world's best kept secret are the hours between 4:30 and 6:30am. There’s something so peaceful about being up before anyone else. . .there’s also something really empowering about “getting shit done before you see the sun”! My days are usually pretty crazy and very physical, it’s kind of my only time to be by myself! 

2.  If caffeine wasn’t an option for you what would be your go-to way to get energized?

Next question please. Haha. No, but really, that’s a terrifying scenario for me. Anyone who knows me knows that my two most favorite food items are black coffee and hot sauce (as terrible as that sounds…and yes, I still have a stomach lining, I think?) Coffee is the #1 thing I couldn’t live without during my dance day. If coffee wasn’t an option, I’d probably go for a long run….a runner’s high almost does the trick for me. Almost. 

3.  You have experience in both running and dancing so would you rather run for 24 hours or dance for 24 hours?

One of my favorite workouts during the cross country season was a good old fashioned circuit workout… where you’d stop after every lap/mile to complete a series of exercises and then keep going. If I had to choose to run/dance for 24 hours, I’d like to do both, circuit workout style….and in a city of my choosing, like San Francisco! I’d run a few miles, see the sights, and then stop for some dancing at a club or two. That sounds like a blast, right? 

4.  What goes through your head moments before you are about to perform in front of an audience? And what is the first thing you want to do when you’re done with a dance performance?

Well…depending on what I’m performing, a number of things are racing through my head. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so If it is a technical piece, chances are, I’m reviewing the choreography like crazy. I also do pushups when I’m nervous….no joke. Like uncontrollably. I thing it's a way of letting out my nerves…and getting that extra rush of endorphins (when the shots of espresso and black coffee aren’t enough). 

5.  I’m sure you’ve thought about this since you’ve been dancing for so long, but if you could choreograph your own routine what would the vibe be? Style of dance? Music? Give us the deets.

Well, before focusing on ballet, I was actually more of a jazz dancer. It is still my first love…and I actually have the most experience teaching this genre of dance. I try to hop into a jazz class any chance I get. Music? Hmm….something fast. I’m a cardio addict, so love to sweat! 

6.  You’re a guy with big dreams so what is the biggest dream you are chasing at the moment?

That’s a tough one! The vision for my life is constantly changing. I guess, currently, I hope to make the greatest impact in whatever I’m doing . . . I don’t like to half-ass anything. I generally say “yes” any chance I get! So my dream is to be the greatest force that I can be in whatever environment I’m in…Not super specific, but hope that paints a picture! 

7.   Aside from the dreams you are chasing down, what are you most proud of that you’ve accomplished so far?

I guess I’d say dancing professionally! It’s definitely something that didn’t come right away for me… I came about dance in a really backwards and roundabout way. I started off in musical theatre at a very young age and then slowly began to focus on dance only…My journey with dance and ballet was definitely different from others, but I always felt like the hungriest kid in the studio! Definitely goes to show you that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. 

8.  You hail to us from San Fran - if you could bring one thing (anything) that’s located in San Fran with you what would it be? 

The Cobber Salad from Blue Barn in the Marina….Holy COW! It is the most INCREDIBLE salad ever….Giant. $20. But worth the bologna sandwiches you’ll be eating the rest of the week ;) and an oatmeal cookie from Philz Coffee (That’s a secret menu item. It’s a special way of preparing a cup of coffee….Tastes like a fresh oatmeal cookie and its black, no dairy!) 

9.  How are you preparing yourself for your first Minnesota winter? ;)

Well I lived in Minneapolis in elementary school…So I’ve experienced a few winters….but from the perspective of child who wants to make snow angels and go sledding. I am not that child anymore, so let’s just say I’m nervous. I’m accepting all the tips I can get….or personal driving service to and from work. I’ll repay you in private dance lessons. Sound good? 

10.  If you had to give yourself a nickname that you would go by foreverrrrrrr, what would it be and why?

It’s a toss up between two. My parents called me Wilbur as a nickname growing up….From the show Mister Ed! (Funny fact, my twin brother actually thought my name was Wilbur for a while, until apparently I fussed at him on the playground!) The name has a lot of memories, so I can handle it, no matter how goofy. 

My cross country coach called me Will the Thrill. I’ll take that one too!