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Have Burpees. Will Travel.

Fly Feet Running Travel Workout

Last Summer, Eric and I went on a fishing trip way up north on the Lake of the Woods with his family. We were in this cute little cabin-like house on an island and there was nothing but lake and a little bit of grass and bear infested forest. It was awesome. However, spending 8 hours seated on the boat for multiple days in a row was not ideal for our bodies. There was no place to go for a run, no local gyms and no fitness equipment so we had to get creative with our workout.

Here is a workout that is simple but can be tough if you do it right:

  • What you need: some time and space big enough to do a burpee :))

  • 10 Rounds: 20 Burpees, 2 lunge Jumps

  • Each round subtract 2 burpees and add 2 lunge jumps, final round= 2 Burpees, 20 lunge jumps

Depending on the time you have available and your conditioning level you can scale this workout easily. If you want more work, start at a higher number of burpees or add an extra push up at the bottom of every burpee. For less work, start at a lower number or take the jump out and just do regular lunges.  Either way this is simple, portable and potent.

One word for the wise: decide exactly what you are going to do for a workout and, ideally, exactly when you’re going to do it before you go on your trip. That way you have built in time and you can plan ahead. (And if you are like me, you will be less likely to negotiate yourself out of it because you ate too much beforehand or something silly like that.) Even if you don’t know when you will do it, at least know the workout that you are going to do so you dont waste 10 mins of your workout time wracking your brain for what you should do. Remember, something is better than nothing. So, even if you only get 10 minutes of work in or only 3 rounds of the above, that is better than not taking time to move your body at all. That is something that I always need to remind myself. It does not have to be 60mins of work to make is worthwhile. Make it a priority to take care of your body and make the best of what you have.

Here is another one of our favorite travel workouts.  Enjoy!

Here is another one of our favorite travel workouts.  Enjoy!