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Three Tips to Avoid Meal Prep Monotony

It is day number four of packing my healthy lunch of salad with chicken and I am eyeballing the gyro place across the street from Fly Feet.  I am drooling.  Not good! This is not a great mental state for me to be in if I am going to stick to my meal plan.  Temptation is everywhere and to beat it takes preparation and strategy.

There is no one diet that works for everyone, but eating healthy typically means food prep and packing meals. This can quickly get monotonous and boring if you are not careful. I consider myself a pretty decent cook but I tend to stick to Italian and Mediterranean flavors, mainly because that is what I know and grew up eating.  My mom would say that my blood was made of pizza sauce because that is how much I love Italian food.  However even for me, zoodles (Zuchinni noodles) with meatballs is not great four days in a row!

Eating healthy does NOT have to be boring.  For me, it can’t be if I am going to stick with my meal plan long term. I have three tips that I use to help you stay on track.

Here are my top three tips to avoid the black hole of boring veggies with dry chicken for lunch.  

Number One: Trying new flavors doesn’t mean that you have to cook them. Farmers Markets have become incubators for cool new food trends (many of which are healthy!).  You can find all kinds of great flavor boosters; pickles, sauerkraut, or my favorite baba ghanoug from HolyLand in Minneapolis.


Number Two: Be realistic. Make sure that you pack enough food to last through the entire day.  I love to snack and for me it works best if I plan out those snacks the night before. I like to be excited about my snacks.  Currently, one of my go to snacks is Siggi’s 4% plain yogurt with cinnamon, unsweetened coconut flakes, fresh fruit and small spoonful of raw almond butter.  YUM!

Number Three: Check out our recipe blog! Variety is key and we have your back with tons of amazing recipes.

Spoiler alert:  Start thinking meal prep because the Fly Feet Fall Fit Challenge is coming.  Stay tuned ... details dropping on Thursday!

All Hail the Treadmighty,