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Fly Feet Running Coaches

The first time I truly realized what a coach was was in the weeks leading up to my very first boxing match. During training camp my coach, Alfonso Vazquez, would check in with me on a regular basis to make sure I was feeling ok and that I was getting the right amount and right type of training in. He was in the corner during my sparring sessions analyzing my every move and helping me to understand how to move better, how to see things faster. He made sure I had water during my rest, that my equipment was in good shape. He wrapped my hands, greased my face and made sure I had my mouthguard. He was, and continues to be, my eyes in the ring. Without my coach, I wouldn’t be half the boxer I am today.



A couple months back, I wrote a blog titled “Why I Coach”. I said something in it about how at Fly Feet we are coaches, with a capital “C”. That word choice was very specific and very intentional. I’ve worked in this industry for 10 years now and I’ve been both a “group fitness instructor” and a “coach”. I have enjoyed both immensely, but there is something very, very special about connecting with athletes as a “coach” that was easy for me to miss out on while I was counting to the beat in other classes. (BTW, I’m really good at counting backward from 8…)



As a coach, I get to create a relationship with you all that is built on trust and mutual work. I am there to help each of you over time with your specific, personal goals and in return I ask that you be mindful and intentional with how you move. I know I push you to your edge on a daily basis, but none of that comes without care and consideration on my part, and the empathy and understanding of what you’re experiencing. This goes for all of us.  None of your coaches at Fly Feet are in that studio to simply keep the time and play the music. We are all there to see that you get a high performance training session and an experience that helps you move the dial on your fitness.



My boxing coach is not only a dear friend of mine, but he is also one of the people I look up to most. He outworks everybody in the gym. He is tireless in his study and passion for boxing, and he is understanding and compassionate when he sees one of his athletes struggling. He knows just when to push and when to dial back. Coaching, for me, is all about intuition. It takes a ton of observation and it demands that we are flexible and can adapt to the team we’re working with in the moment. I don’t just walk into the studio, flip on the lights and read the workout off a sheet of paper. I am constantly watching, tweaking, adjusting to ensure that you all get the best and most personalized experience possible.



As your “Coaches” at Fly Feet, we want to create that feeling of support for each and every one of you every time you walk through those doors. Know that we are here when you need us, whether that’s in the studio during a training session, or via email when you have a question about why we made you do 24 rounds of dynamic mode sprints. You are our team and we’re with you every step of the way.


All Hail the Treadmighty,