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The TreadMighty Workout: measurable, repeatable, observable

Fly Feet TreadMighty

Last year for my birthday (and for Christmas, and for a wedding present...) I asked my husband for an Apple watch as a gift. He ended up getting one for me this spring and I’ve worn it almost every day since. I even get a little annoyed at myself if I forget to put it on in the morning. Throughout the day the watch gives me little goals to hit - stand up each hour, aim for a certain number of calories, take some time for a little deep breathing. While I’m glad I have it, I get frustrated when I’m not able to close my standing, workout and calorie rings each day - who’s with me on this?!? I tend to let the rings on my watch determine whether it was a good day or not.



While my husband and I were on vacation a couple months ago I actually got to the point where I took the watch off and would just leave it in our hotel room. I wanted to enjoy my workouts without having to hit certain targets, and taking the watch off actually made me dial into how challenging the workout was instead of relying on technology to tell me. Don’t get me wrong, I still work hard when I’m wearing my watch. But taking it off for a few days was a reminder that intensity isn’t achieved by beating my daily calorie goal, instead it happens when I push to perform at my absolute edge. Just like we, as coaches, ask you to work every time you come into the studio.


Next weekend, we’ll be kicking off our 21-day challenge with one of our tried and true TreadMighty workouts. The TreadMighty workout is the only Fly Feet workout that repeats.  Every six weeks or so, we do it to see where we are.  TreadMighty was designed as a simple test that is measurable - something you can record and repeat regularly to see your progress. When we write things down and do them with some consistency, we can begin to see our fitness level change over time. Like closing your rings on your watch, beating your last score every time isn’t the main objective. Instead, TreadMighty serves as a tool to inform the way you train, eat, sleep and recover. It allows us to see our weaknesses and our strengths and understand where our efficiencies and inefficiencies are. It includes a broad range of movements because it’s designed to tax different systems and serve as a benchmark for different movement patterns. Really, it gives you a bird’s-eye view of yourself as an athlete and allows you a chance to record both subjective and objective measurements to provide a snapshot of your fitness level at any point in time.


As you approach the 21-day challenge, understand that TreadMighty is not specific to just this challenge. Also know that whether you walk into your TreadMighty session feeling tired or nervous or pumped, you get the opportunity to record the internal and external variables that will, no doubt, affect your performance. And guess what… it’s totally OK and normal to not see huge gains after 21 days of completely getting after it! Remember, it’s just one dot on a timeline and you get to come back to it as often as you want.


Feel free to wear your watch (or not!) as you come into the studio, but remember that at Fly Feet we chase fitness, not just the rings on your watch!