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Fly Feature: Lindsay Anderson

Fly Feature - Lindsay A.

As a Fly Feet coach, I get to observe our community from a different lens. When the lights go down and the music goes up in that green room, I get to witness people’s truest selves as they tackle physical obstacles and break down mental barriers. Even though I work in “group fitness”, the activity that happens in our studio is also deeply personal and I am privileged to play a role in helping people realize their physical potential and goals. 

Every now and then, however, the roles reverse and I feel as though the 40 people in that room just show up to coach me, showing me the importance of leading with kindness, the power of motivating one another, and the mental grit necessary to achieve goals. 

Lindsay Anderson is one of my favorite “coaches” in that studio! I remember the first time I coached her in class. My first thought was “Who is that girl with the crazy amazing tights?” Then that thought was quickly followed with “OMG! She’s crushing this workout!” As a former clothing-obsessed employee in the world of retail, I quickly bond with anyone who has an eye for style. With that being said, as a fitness coach, I also bond with anyone who loves a good workout. 

As the months went by, I realized that Lindsay’s “badassery” extends much further than her closet. I soon learned her great style was equally matched with a great personality and work ethic.  Not only does she insist on giving it her all on the tread, but she is also a driven academic pursuing her PhD. I figured it was time that our Fly community learned a little more about the magic that is Lindsay Anderson. 

1.  Tell us a little about you. Where are you from? What brought you to Fly Feet Running? Describe your first time in that green room! 

I’m a Minnesota native and actually went to high school in ‘Fly’zata (the FF allegiance clearly runs deep!).  I stumbled into Fly Feet one morning looking for a workout that would be different than the things I normally do.  I can't entirely recall the details of my first FF class – only that it involved Dynamic Mode, bangin’ music and my heart pounding out of my chest- I had booked my next class before even leaving the studio!

2. You are a PhD student. How badass! Tell us a little about what you do when you’re not being a badass on the tread! 

Oh, this could be a long-winded answer so I'll try and keep it brief.  I'm studying “Organizational Leadership and Policy Development” and focusing in “Evaluation Studies.” Before going back to school I was able to incorporate my love of exercise into my professional practice as a mental health therapist- instead of engaging in traditional talk therapy we would often practice mindful movement and stress reduction techniques.  When I’m done with school I want to continue working in health care and with non-profits.  I’m especially interested in holistic and integrated models of health care and would love to work as a program evaluator for integrated health systems in an effort to promote the inclusion of alternative and complementary mental health interventions in our Western Medical Model of health care delivery. 

3.  You always have the BEST workout clothes…I mean, the BEST. If Lindsay Anderson were to design her own workout clothing brand, what would make it stand out from the rest? (I’m sure it would) 

First, thank you!  Ok ok, if I had my own workout clothing line it would be classic neutral colors (think black, white, grey, hunter green and navy blue)… lots of sleek lines….but with an edge…there would have to be some twist somewhere…a tear, a tie, a crop, mesh,…you know, “subtle edgy chic.”

4.  And, for fun, if you could only pay for your workout clothes from now on with rounds of dynamic mode or max rep burpees…which would you choose? Would you have more or less workout clothes? 

Obviously I would pay in max rep burpees all day, every day.  If I had to pay in rounds of dynamic mode I’d be stuck rockin’ my birthday suit.

5.  You seem like a very driven person overall. What is your best piece of advice for goal-crushing? Especially with the January challenge right around the corner! 

Accept that there are going to be highs and lows.  Make time to celebrate small accomplishments along the way and use obstacles as opportunities to try again.  Wow, I’m really starting to sound like my dad.

6. We hear you are a fitness instructor. Tell us about your journey towards working in fitness. Did you play any sports growing up? 

Growing up I was in gymnastics and track (FIELD to be clear…I’ve never been a runner and still cant really classify myself as one now…just a Fly Feet Fanatic!)  I stopped playing sports after high school but still craved exercise.  I found that movement and activity not only made me feel better- physically, mentally, energetically-  but made me a generally better version of myself, too (a better friend, a better daughter, a better citizen…I know that sounds super lofty but its true).  I decided to do one certification, yoga, just for fun…then one cert. turned into two, turned into three, turned into four and pretty soon I was not only teaching at gyms but finding ways to incorporate movement into my ‘real job’ as a therapist.  At this point it’s become so embedded into all aspects of my life it’s hard to tell one from another!

7. You seem like a super busy gal. When you’re not working out, teaching, or being a student, what is your go-to way of relaxing? 

Friends. Sunshine. Splashing in water.  Sipping on wine.  Ideally, all simultaneously.    

8. You’ve already experienced Fly Feet’s 12 Days of Christmas workouts. You know we like to celebrate in a special way! (I.e. 11 bonus rounds of dynamic mode) If you were in charge of our programming for a hypothetical New Years Eve workout at 11pm ending at 12am, what would the workout look like? Give us the deets! 

Wait.  Stop.  Don’t get my hopes up.  Is this a real thing?  Is there going to be a midnight workout?!  OMG- THERES GOING TO BE A MIDNIGHT WORKOUT!!!

Ok, workout…Im thinking a “Power Hour”  (this is a party after-all) but instead of taking shots of beer every minute on the minute, it will be an EMOM workout.  Naturally it would involve all my most favorite FF movements, 30-second efforts on the tread, pull-ups, burpees, toes to bar, SDLHPs and fine…a dynamic mode finisher.  Come on, you didn’t think I was going to suggest something ridiculous like 2,018 community burpees, did you?  Ok fine, lets do that, too (hopefully a lot of people show up). OH and the water fountains will have this temporary glitch that makes them dispense CHAMPAGNE instead of water.  SEE YOU THERE!


All Hail the Treadmighty,