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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Fly Feet Running Training Blog

To see change, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. 


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a pill or a machine that made it quick and easy?  Well sadly, there are many of those gimmicks on the market.  Not shockingly, they don’t work.  To see results, ya gotta put in the work.  If you’re willing to do that, the journey can be a wonderful, inspiring and even addicting thing.


But the work you put in can’t be half assed.  You have to put your whole ass into it. :) Getting comfortable being uncomfortable means two things:


You are trying something you’re not sure you can do. 

You pick a faster speed that you’re not sure you can hang onto.  Or you grab a heavier weight that you’re not sure you can manage. 


You will most likely fail. 

But you have to realize that failure is actually success.  This is a vulnerable place for people.  It means you found your endpoint… and when you find your endpoint, you have something meaningful to chase.  If all you do is live in a world where you can do everything, you’re not getting better.  You’re not getting faster, or stronger, or losing weight.  You’re just living in a static place, which is not what we signed up for. 


We whole heartedly embrace finding your edge.  That’s where change lives.  You have to make the decision to be vulnerable and willing to fail.  Only then will you have something meaningful to chase.