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Building the Best Team

Fly Feet Coaches

Building the Best Team

Building a high performing team is the absolute most important ingredient in the cocktail of finding success.  Of course, there are other ingredients, but none are as critical.  Individual talents, ability to execute, subject matter expertise, all come second to building an incredible team. As we effectively DOUBLE our business, (here we come Flyzata!) we are hyper focused on making sure we have the right team infrastructure in place to continue to flourish.  To do that, we are HIRING!  Read on if how we go about building our really big team (Drake, anyone?  Who's with me?) sounds interesting to you.  Here are the six characteristics that we strive for on our team at Fly Feet:


1. The vision of success is clear. 

Our ambition is to inspire EVERYONE chase the best version of themselves.  Our entire team is motivated and united under that one single vision.   They understand how they fit in delivering success and are motivated to work on a team to get there.  That means a welcoming, inclusive environment both in and out of the studio.


2. We think about the team before we think about ourselves. 

This is hard and takes a special kind of person.  We don’t find success because of any one person or at anyone’s expense.  It’s all done as a team.  We have a lean team because we want everyone invested, instead of coaches coming in to teach 2-3 classes a week.  Our coaches teach a lot of classes and take on a lot outside of their official job descriptions.  Everyone's plates are full, so when additional opportunities come up, we work together as a team to find solutions. We're in it together.       


3. A culture of development.

We give people projects they’ve never done before in an effort to stretch them in ways that drive growth.  We are always looking for ways to make us better.  It’s ingrained in how we operate.  Our coaches lead teams, champion initiatives, write blogs, develop social strategies, all while delivering the best training in the Twin Cities.  


4. A willingness to be bold, fail fast and try new things. 

We are never satisfied with the status quo.  We actively seek out feedback to be better.  We think about the consumer first, business second.  We want to lead, not follow.  From the way we hire coaches (they are our employees, not contractors - not at all common in this industry), to the way we dish out challenges (they are specific, holistic and unique), we seek to find the edges of how we can make the consumer experience the best in the industry.


5. The team is built from people of many backgrounds. 

Great minds don’t think alike.  We want great minds that think differently.  Fostering an environment from different backgrounds and ways of thinking allows for greatness.  Scientists, athletes, corporate types, creatives, we got 'em all.  We want 'em all.  Diversity of thought delivers a robust experience.


6. Trust, transparency and continual communication.    

Above all else, none of this works unless the environment is a safe place to share ideas, to brainstorm and to be vulnerable.  This can only happen if everyone is open and honest about where they are, what is working and what isn’t.  Our mantra is "don't fear the truth".  We say what's true and move forward as a team.


At Fly Feet, we strive to be able to check all of those boxes.  We certainly aren’t perfect and working in a fast growing startup is hard.  But we’re always reaching and always striving to be better… just like in our workouts.  The Fly Feet philosophy permeates everything we do!

If being a part of the best team in the fitness biz sounds like fun or even exhilarating, hit us with your resume at lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com.  We’re hiring for coaches as well as front of house staff.

All Hail the Treadmighty,