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Get to know Justin!

Fly Feet Running Justin

His laugh is infectious, his math skills are on point, his style is something to write home about and his love for the #flyjams are bringing our playlists to the next level.  There are so many reasons we are beyond honored to have Justin part of our #FlyFeetFam.  As the GM of our downtown studio, he is dedicated to bringing Fly to the people!  Let's get to know this superstar...

I remember your first class at Fly Feet because you were in your super fly gear and you were a very attentive student :) What brought you in to the studio and what got you to stay?  

Living downtown Mpls and taking the light rail to the gym I caught the lime glow from Fly Feet's windows; I was expecting running gear. I was pleasantly surprised! I signed up for my class the next day talking to Kristin over the phone. I had set my New years resolution to run more so I found the perfect place to help me achieve my goals. I'm an accountant by trade, so I'm wired to pay attention and take notes! Even though my past job required my full attention and kept me from the studio more than I cared for; I had a supportive and caring family waiting for me in the studio. Always willing to compare sore spots, talk about yesterday's workout, or current happenings in our lives. #treadmighty crew 

So you liked it so much you wanted to job here, hey! We are so happy you are on team Fly Feet. What is the best part of your new role and what is your biggest goal in your first 6 months of being at Fly Feet?

Super excited to partner with our coaches to step up music game! This will include playlists available to stream when away from the studio, smoother transitions (amateur DJ-esque), and BPM analysis (to push your footwork to the beat)! #sweatyandthebeat

You always pump the jams and bring the energy when you’re in class. If you could have a Fly Feet class with a live performer who would it be? P.S. they’re also going to invite you to the front of the class to sing/dance a duet…

Um 'its gonna be me' with JT! But throwing down some NSYNC classics without the other (sync) guys.  Throw down Justin vs. Justin ALL FLYERs WELCOME to join me on the stage #bringingsexyback

It’s no secret that you are one of our top sweaters in class ;) what’s your go to workout outfit and/or brand to sweat in style? 

“If you ain’t sweatin’ you ain’t werkin’! I’m a heavy sweater, but thankfully I tread in some fly gear that repels the funk.  My go-to’s are Vuori shorts paired with Nike 3/4 hyper cool tights and Nike Dry-Fit knit tank. Skip the sleeves to ventilate and look swol!” #sweatpuddles

You are also quite the chef. If you could live off of three different foods, and three only, what would they be?  

I love food and I love cooking for my partner. So since there aren’t any specifics: (1) MEAT, (2) micro greens, and (3) eggs. I loved the recent 21 day challenge utilizing whole foods. My biggest lesson I learned is if I have MEAT and veggies and time I can easily beat processed food. My go to’s during that challenge were MEAT, eggs, and micro greens. Micro-greens pack a lot of flavor in a small amount; super flexible to include in many dishes and they make your dish look Insta-worthy or Food Network ready. I'm a huge fan of @the kitchen for inspiration and love the Wild Diet by Abel James #wheresthegrassfedmeat

Seriously, so many busy bees in our hive. You are another one. What’s your most productive hour of the day?

Most productive hour of the day for me is 7am-7:59am. I set my to do list the night before, so I can take advantage of one hour to gain some momentum in my priorities for the day. Two tips to ensure my top priorities are started or completed: (1) I block out times in my calendar as meetings; you can always reschedule and (2) journal tasks for the day. I love wins, so crossing off a task on my to do list is an easy win. #extremeproductivity

If you had to get rid of one month what would it be and why?

January….its after Christmas and before Valentines Day! Other reason, (and this is bad)…but all the New Year’s resolution makers who haven’t made a routine aren’t going to the gym and checking facebook and instagram on the equipment as much in February….so equipment is available for those who want to actually get a workout in instead of just saying he/she went to the gym. #outofhashtagideas

If you could make a 20 second phone call to yourself at any point in your life present or future, when would you call and what would you say?

I would call myself freshmen year of high school. I would tell myself be yourself; its cooler to be you're authentic true self than someone your not. The second piece of advice I'd say is spend more time with family, especially my dad. Take advantage of the moments together and slow down. My Dad was diagnosed with dementia at an early age. Its been hard not to share, hangout, and get his opinion on life. #putyourphonedown #liveinthemoment 

If there was a video clip you had to watch every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If you’ve been on a tread next to me at 5:30am you know besides the fuel of competition to get a little extra kick out of me…a lil Chris Brown gets me goin…so of course that clip would have to be Chris Brown ‘Wall to Wall’. If you haven’t seen it, check it. Goal to get the FLY team to learn the moves at 3:51-4:50 and bust a move mid-TreadnShred. #bumpitybump