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A crew that chases goals, gets faster, supports each other and shares in the energy and passion for running. We've created programs for all the racers, runners, movers and shakers that want to get outdoors to train.


Stride is focused specifically on all things running; speed, endurance, technique, and mental tenacity. Open to all fitness levels, this class puts first-timers and running diehards side by side to make progress at their own level, together.

October Stride Theme

October we are going to focus a large portion of our training on strength. This is not typical of a Stride class and it does not mean that the workout is turning into Tread & Shred. On the contrary, we are dedicating part of the training session to specific work that targets muscle groups that are required for sustainable running, but are commonly lacking in runners. 

 These are movements that are less functional than what we do in Tread & Shred or Strength sessions. They are designed to teach us to run hard and stay strong in our form even when we are completely exhausted. This is effective work regardless of what kinds of distances we train for. It will primarily focus on the development on the strength and power in a person’s running economy. Running economy can be described as a measurement of the amount of energy it takes to run at a given pace. Having a more efficient and strong stride will allow a runner to maintain faster speeds using less energy.

This month in Stride we are not trying to pull a metabolic or cardio stimulus by adding this strength work - we will save that for Tread & Shred. We want our focus and intention to be the parts of the body that maximize the longevity of our form and overall health when we run a lot. The typical areas that we will target include hips, core, and yes, upper body work. This all contributes to a strong gait!

Stride was and has been instrumental with the mental and physical part of just running. I’ve done paces and speeds for distances I didn’t think I could do.
— Natalie Matos
My goal for California International Marathon was to qualify for Boston 2020 – mission accomplished! Never in a million years (or the 9 years I’ve been running marathons) did I ever imagine I would run 2 BQ’s in a year!
— Anna Pink
Fly Feet Running

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Congrats everyone on a great Run Club Season.

We’ll see you back in the Spring!


Race Training PLANS

Fly Feet Running
Definitely helpful and worth the investment. I particularly enjoyed the change of pace throughout the runs as each workout usually had 3 phases. The gradual lengthening of each phase was good as we increased in miles throughout the training.
— Brent Longval

Whether it’s your first race or your 19th, we can help you train to be faster. Our race training philosophy is all about mixing intensity and strength training into your routine to keep you healthy and strong. Plans for 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon


All of our training plans incorporate Fly Feet workouts 3x per week, 1 long run per week, and recovery options depending on your experience level. Each plan includes 15 minutes with a coach to review your personal goals and adjust the race plan to fit you.

The Pricing Breakdown

Gait Analysis

30 minute session with a coach to learn how to run more efficiently and effectively. Learn how to work through injuries that are caused by poor mechanics, exercises for how to build strength in key areas to become a stronger runner, and key mobility movements for longevity and proper recovery. 

$35 for Members, $50 for non-members.