A crew that wants to chase goals, get better, support each other, learn more, and share in our energy and passion for running. The Run Club is home base for anyone looking for more in the world of running and how Fly Feet can get you there. It is for all levels, all paces, and all fun.


Tread-based class that focuses on developing many important aspects of running such as speed, endurance, technique, and strength.

Monday - 6:30am

Tuesday - 6:30pm

Wednesday - 4:30pm

Saturday - 8am



One-on-one coaching to create a personalized plans to help you incorporate Fly Feet workouts into your training. Doesn’t matter the race or the distance - we’ll work with you! Sign up for a $100 consultation.

Gait Analysis

30 minute session with a coach to learn how to run more efficiently and effectively. Learn how to work through injuries that are caused by poor mechanics, exercises for how to build strength in key areas to become a stronger runner, and key mobility movements for longevity and proper recovery. $35 for Members, $50 for non-members.  Sign up

Outdoor RunS

We are revamping through the winter. These will be back when the weather is warmer!

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