THIS WEEK'S PROGRAMMINg:  4/13 - 4/27 spring training

Spring Training has arrived and we are ready to take a deep focus into our lifestyle. It’s about how we train, what we eat, why we recover, and the power of community. The training will involve overreaching, which is when we push through fatigue for a limited period of time followed by a week of recovery. This recovery period will lead us into our signature TreadMighty workout where we will strive to set new goals for ourselves. Training will follow a specific schematic involving the following types of training:

  • High volume, low intensity - Think long, manageable over long periods of time. A totally different stimulus than what high and moderate look like. Power output that can last beyond 30 second, beyond 4 minutes, and actually is sustainable for 40 minutes plus. Long workout with much less heavy stress involved.

  • Moderate volume, moderate intensity - This type of session is prime for building V02 max. The best way to become efficient. We are talking efforts that span anywhere from 2 minutes to 4 minutes. Still pretty demanding, but not the same type of demand we get from something that is super potent and has less volume.

  • Low volume, high intensity - Think a handful of 30 second sprints in dynamic mode. The demand is high but we can’t do too many or it turns into a diluted version of what should be potent intensity.

  • Strength - We’ll focus on improving functional strength and power with little to no tread work. This workout will make you sore, but will feel very different from the other days.

  • Recovery - The key to being able to make all this work is integrating recovery days into Spring Training. Move and regenerate tissue, nourish with nutrient dense foods, hydrate, and sleep. It has to work this way in order for you to succeed. You own determining which three days you won’t come in and if you need extra “R” workout days.

We are ready to overreach with purpose this spring. We’re in it together for the next two weeks!

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