THIS WEEK'S PROGRAMMINg:  2/18 - 2/24 supersets

Supersets are one continuously moving set comprised of two different movements. These sets are a great way to train when seeking true fatigue points. This week you will see this work presented in one of two ways.  We can use two movements that target the same muscle group, usually one slightly easier than the other. A great example of this is the Chest Press followed immediately by the push-up. Both exercises strongly target the chest and triceps along with help from the anterior shoulder.  

The other method of superseting involves performing any movement and then examining the opposing movement for use in the second set. To stay in the same example, we can start with the chest press and then finish with a row of some kind. The back muscles that are the primary movers in the row, are the muscle groups that stabilize the chest press.  In this scenario our focus is to fatigue the stabilizing muscles and ask them to do a lot more work as they become the primary movers in the opposing exercise.

Both superset options accomplish the same task; increased muscular fatigue. Get ready to find failure this week on the floor!

Videos to watch