THIS WEEK'S PROGRAMMINg:  6/17 - 6/23 find your edge

This week we will afford you the opportunity to reach failure every day.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it!? Well, let us explain. We know that the only way to move forward with our fitness is to actually find our end points across varied modalities.  Example, how fast can I run for 2 minutes, how many kb swings can I do in a minute, what's the most number of push ups I can do in a row? As an athlete you should know or have a good idea of what all these measurements look like for you individually.  Finding your edge does 2 things for us. One, it helps us know where we are on any given day and gives us something to chase every time we train. Second, finding our edge, helps give us the confidence that we will be okay when we fail, and it allows us to push ourselves to that point of failure, which is where most of our learning and improvement takes place.

Videos to watch