THIS WEEK'S PROGRAMMINg:  11/12 - 11/18 unilateral movements

This week we are focusing on unilateral movements, which means we will be spending the majority of our strength work with single arm and single leg movements. We want to train and strengthen the way we are meant to move as human beings so unilateral movements will aid in our abilities to stay injury free. Consistency in training is the best way to increase performance.

It is all too common in the human body to find imbalances in strength and mobility. This typically happens through our daily living and environmental loads. Do ever notice when you stand for long periods of time and start to lean on one hip? Or perhaps you have a young child and always carry them on one side? This can lead to strength and mobility imbalances, which will ultimately reflect in our movements when running and lifting. It is very important to understand the human body and how we move. Pay attention in your strength training this week and use it as a diagnostic!

Videos to watch