You track your points on the honor system.  Capture them on your scorecard. Just like our workouts… your progress, your success is all dependent on you. 


Maximum number of points: 125

max 30 Pts

Train with us for 15 days.  
(Take 6 days of recovery!)

Traveling? Do a travel workout!

Recovery and mobility
Max 21 pts

Spend 15 minutes every single night doing recovery and mobility.  Compression, foam rolling, shin to wall, pigeon, you name it.  We'll provide some great tips!

Max 21 Pts

No alcohol. No added sugar. No preservatives.  No packaged foods.  No gluten.  No soy.  Only sprouted grains.  Only organic/grassfed dairy.

Max 21 Pts

8.5+ hours of shut eye including naps. This is an average for your week, so you can make up deficits on the weekend, if you need to.

Max 21 Pts

Drink half of your body weight in oz. per day. 

Bonus Points

1 point - Kickoff attendance

1 point - Fly Lab attendance

1 point/week for Intermittent Fasting (16hours), max 3 points

2 points/week - social media tagging, max 6 points