Outside the Studio

What should I eat?

  • Before the workout: Try to practice the two hour rule.  Meaning, try not to eat anything two hours prior to a Fly Feet workout.  We recommend eating something with low fiber, a little natural sugar and natural protein.  For example, an apple without the skin and a slice to turkey is a great option.

  • After the workout: Nothing for one - three hours, if you can manage it.  After a true high intensity workout, consuming food right after actually stunts your body’s ability to absorb Human Growth Hormone (HgH).  (Check out our blog on that one!) Long story short, we want our body to produce and absorb HgH.  That stuff is like the fountain of youth, baby!     

What is there to eat at Fly Feet?
We offer a small selection of pre and post-work snacks.  During our lunch hour classes we offer fresh boxed lunches available for purchase from FRESHII (downtown) and Crisp & Green (Wayzata) that can be ordered when you arrive.  Our staff will have lunch waiting for you after class.

Can I purchase the mobility tools we use in class?
Yes, we will have them available for purchase in our retail area.  

What is your Return Policy?
Not happy with your purchase? We will happily return it within 30 days with your receipt.  

I want to exchange for a different size?
No problem, just bring the item in and we will get you in the right size. For online purchases, please reach out to lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com and we can help.

We offer complimentary towel service, fully stocked locker rooms with showers, and charging stations in many of our lockers.  High fives, fashion consultations, and heart to hearts on the meaning of life all available free of charge as well.