Session 1 - What is FFR and why is it different?

Fly Feet

Fly Feet Brand Overview

We exist to inspire people to live their best life. We offer the ultimate, all-out workout designed to get you fitter, faster, stronger, together-er.

  • We take a holistic approach to being healthy. Nutrition, training, sleep, hydration, balance, and just doing your best.

  • We meet people where they are in their fitness journey - no matter where that is. We scale the workouts to do this.

  • The one single variable that unites everyone at Fly Feet is the willingness to work hard.

  • We are in constant pursuit of chasing a better version of ourselves. We chase fitness. We find our edge.  

  • Our community enables miracles under the green lights.


We are:

  • Inspiring

  • Inclusive

  • Authentic

  • Hard working

  • Stylish

  • Over achievers

  • Fun

  • Purposeful


We are not:

  • Showy

  • Narcissistic

  • Cliquey

  • Trendy

  • Judgemental


Our values

  • Be Bold - Take risks, courageously try new things, innovate everywhere.

  • Be Vulnerable - Be willing to learn, ask for help, say how you feel, be humble.

  • Be Relentless - Pour your sweat equity into everything. Never be outworked. GSD.

  • Be Empowering - Live the mindset that we can do anything. No limits.

  • Be Authentic -  Have fun, don’t take yourself too seriously.

  • Together-er -  We support each other no matter what. One team. One dream.


Why is the Fly Feet workout different?

  • It’s dynamic. There is a significant amount of variation in every single workout. Our total offering includes high intensity training, recovery workouts, mobility, strength and endurance. We do quarterly challenges to keep people on track!

  • Our classes are programmed in a way that gives you a well-rounded movement practice that is functional and exciting.

  • Workouts change daily and always offer an element of creativity, learning and science. Each experience is crafted to achieve a specific stimulus and keep you on your toes.

  • We use subjective loading to help each athlete find their personal edge. We work to help everyone push to the margins of their experience so they see results - whether it be in performance or body composition.

  • We work to create a personalized experience. Two coaches in each training session ensure that athletes are supported and encouraged on a personal and group level.

  • The power of the pack creates a sense of community that is driven and fostered by the coaches.

  • It’s a lifestyle. We strive to create and educate everyone to achieve a lifestyle that feels balanced and healthy not just for the 1 hour we spend in the studio, we also include our approach to the other 23 hours.