Session 8 - The Art of Assisting

Fly Feet Assist

The art of assisting

Assisting a workout isn’t just about helping the lead through a class.  Your role is completely different. While the lead is taking the entire class through the training session, your job is to connect one on one with every single person in that room.  Our flyers get to know and build close relationships with our assists differently than the leads.


The only way to be a successful assist is to connect and build relationships with people.  When this happens, people are open to receiving your corrections. Otherwise, flyers will be nervous when the assist is around, fearful of judgement and that they’re “doing it wrong”.  You’re helping people in one of their most vulnerable states. You’ll ask them to do things they don’t think they can do. You’ll change the way that “feels good” for them in an effort to have them move well.  In order to do these things successfully, they need to feel like you know them and you have their backs.



Role of the assist

The assist is critical to bringing the training session to life for people.  They create the 1:1 magic and miracles for people. They help flyers know that we are there for them.  


Prep the room

  • mop between classes

  • make sure equipment is in the right place

  • mirrors are clean

  • treads are ready to roll

  • chalk buckets out

  • check app for new people


Greet people on the way in with chalk and make connections.  Bring the energy!



Body language is a huge part of how you establish rapport and build trust.  Don’t walk around with your hands behind your back and look disengaged.  Look happy and engaged. Always analyze people’s form. Be “in it” with them.  If you’re out of it for most of the time and then randomly make a correction, people start to become nervous you’ll catch them doing it wrong vs. feeling like you are there for them and are their trusted resource.  



Scale the workout for people.  Spend time studying the flyers and getting an understanding of where they are.  Help them perform the correct version of each movement so they’re safe and successful.This is a dynamic process - watch people throughout the workout to see if they’re able to maintain the right shapes, or if they need to scale as they get into it.



KEEP PEOPLE SAFE!  This applies both to movements as well as making sure the room is organized.  Ensure people won’t trip on weights or step onto a moving treadmill.



Predicting!!  You need to be dialed into each person and know where people are.  Because you know where the workout is going, you need to closely monitor people and help them through.  Predict where they might have trouble and help them through.



Make this a personal training session for every single person.  Find and fix faults. Work with people one on one.  Make them feel as though they have a 1:1 relationship with you.  That means that you have to work the room in a meaningful way.



Pay special attention to new people.  Make them feel welcome and successful through the workout.  Check your app prior to class to figure out who the new people are so that you’re prepared to seek them out.  Check in several times to make sure they’re comfortable and safe. At the end of class, congratulate them on their first class as chat with them about their experience.  



Flyer Follow Ups.  Help the lead coach with flyer follow ups post training session.  Email flyers right from the MBO app who hit a milestone or needs a little encouragement.  These notes go SUCH a long way!!