Welcome to Fly Feet!  

Here is everything you need to know before you come.  


What exactly is the workout?

Our Tread & Shred classes are created with a variety between cardio, strength and mobility. One day you may be doing 30 second sprints with a focus on heavy thrusters and the next day we’ll have you doing longer, inclined runs mixed with bodyweight movement like push ups. No two workouts are the same to help drive faster and more meaningful change. We also have other classes focused on Strength, Running and mobility. If you want to get familiar with the training theme of the week, you can check it here.  


What if I can’t do it?

Impossible.  Our workouts are totally scalable, which means that there are many, many options to perform every movement.  Our coaches are there to help make your workout successful.  If you have an injury, we help you modify.  If you’re not ready to do a pull-up, we’ll help you modify and develop a strategy for you to master it.  The coaches will never tell you how fast to run or how much to lift.  You are in complete control.


What if I’m not a runner?  

No matter how you feel about running, Fly Feet helps you jump in feet first. After all, it’s the movement your body was born to do and the most efficient path to radical improvement.  Listen to some of our non-runner members tell you about their experience.  You just have to be able to move on a treadmill.  You pick your pace, whether that’s walking or running, and it’s typically just a couple of minutes at a time. Running is a scaled up version of walking.  So, if you “can’t run,” let us help you get there as this is critical to your longevity as you chase fitness,


What Class Should I take?

If you're unsure, start with Fly 101, our free, slowed down version of our class Tread & Shred.  You learn the components of a typical workout, how to move well, and how to manage the training session with lots of hands on coaching.  But, you don't have to start there.  Most people just jump right into a Tread & Shred class.  The coaches will know it's your first time and take good care of you.  


HOw much does it cost?

If you're new to Fly Feet, your best bet is to do our Intro Offer which is 3 classes for $30.  It will allow you to see how the workouts dynamically change each day and allow you to get the hang of managing them.  (Aaaannnnd  then you're hooked!) :)  


What should I wear?  

Wear something that you’re comfortable sweating, running and lifting in and sturdy running shoes.  Men often wear shorts and a tee-shirt or tank top.  Ladies typically wear leggings or shorts and a tee, tank & sports bra. 


What should I bring?

Bring your water bottle, we’ll provide your sweat towel.  If you want to get ready afterwards, we’ve got plenty of showers and amenities (towels, hair & body products) to make sure you start your day off right.  We also have plenty of complimentary lockable lockers to store your goods!


What should I eat?

Don’t eat anything 90 minutes prior to the workout.  Just drink water to get hydrated!!


Where should I park?

If you’re coming downtown, park at the Embassy Suites valet parking garage off of Hennepin between 5th and 6th.  Tell them you’re coming to Fly Feet and they’ll let you park there for $7.  If you’re a member, it’s $2 with a voucher from Fly Feet.  If you’re coming to Wayzata, there is a parking garage in the Promenade right behind the studio.  


Still have questions?

Hit us up:  flyzata@flyfeetrunning.com (for our Wayzata location) or minneapolis@flyfeetrunning.com (for our downtown location)

Fly Feet Running

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