Fly Feet 21 Day Challenge

January 6 - 27

Give us 21 days and we’ll give you everything you need to get in the best shape of your life in 2018.


What is the Fly Feet 21 Day Challenge?

Just like everything Fly Feet, we can’t promise it will be easy, but we can promise that it will be worth it.  The Fly Feet 21 Day challenge is about embracing a holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle with the flyest community and coaches that have your back. We’ve got everything covered for you: 

Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

FFR recipe guide, nutrition guide, pantry list, foods to avoid, restaurant guide, info on intermittent fasting, supplement list, tips for how to manage the program without feeling restricted.

Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

Obvs!  Not only will you have new workouts each day scientifically designed to get you fitter, faster, stronger, but, we’ll track our TREADMIGHTY stats.  Same workout on day 1 and day 21 so that you can see progress.  And just like usual, we keep that going throughout the year…

Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

A deep dive on mobility, compression, and active release.  Tips and tricks and when to use which tool.  A daily recovery routine you can incorporate at home.  

Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

Track your progress through a simple point system.  One male and one female winner.  Grand prize is a free month on your membership!




 Who is it for?

If you answer yes to any of these, this is for you!

After the holidays, your bathroom scale is displaying numbers you’ve never seen before.

Your favorite jeans have a little muffin growing out of them.

You just need to offset the last 21 days. 

You don’t like diets and want a sustainable eating plan.

You want to be healthy.

You just need a kick in the ol’ booty.


our goals for you

Kickoff to the best shape of your life

Create a sustainable healthy template going forward

Feel better and improve your overall health

Break 100 points!  

Beat your day 1 Treadmighty stats




Why you should do this

Doing it together makes it more fun, more manageable, and more successful!

Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

 This plan includes foods that naturally provide slow releasing energy.  Many people suffer from fatigue because they eat foods that are filling, but lack nutrition.

Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

Increased muscle – By eliminating processed foods and consuming high quality proteins, your body will build new cells to prepare for muscle development.   As fat turns into muscle, your metabolism increase, you burn more calories, and then magic happens …


Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge

By eliminating grains, you eliminate the major culprit of allergies and inflammation in the body.  Digestion will improve and you will feel better. 




If you're one of those people who love to look at data than Dexafit is for you. It is the gold standard for body fat testing, body composition, DEXA scans, muscle, heart rate fitness, and metabolic tests.

We've partnered with DexaFit Minneapolis and have a deal for you! You get two scans - the DXA and the Fit3d which measure body fat and composition, and you get a test/retest - one before the challenge and one 8-12 weeks after your first scan, to track your progress.  Both scans are $150 each - $300 total.  Sign up as part of the challenge and get them both + the test/restest for only $99.  AND, if you complete your test in December, they'll give you another $20 off for $79!!

Sign up here or call to set up your appointment: 612-564-0332 and let them know you're in the Fly Feet Challenge.





What if I can’t go to the kickoff?
No problem - you can still participate.  Just let us know and we’ll give you all the info you need and a quick tutorial.

How do I track my progress?
You track your own progress and share it with us so that we can keep track of prizes and winners.

What if I don’t want anyone to know?  Can I still participate?
Yes.  Totally fine to keep your progress confidential.  

I'm a first timer ...  I have lots of questions.
Check out our first timer page with all of the answers.

I have another question!  
NP - email us!  lets.fly@flyfeetrunning.com