Fly Feet Running - 21 Day Challenge


If you're one of those people who love to look at data than Dexafit is for you. It is the gold standard for body fat testing, body composition, DEXA scans, muscle, heart rate fitness, and metabolic tests.

We've partnered with DexaFit Minneapolis and have a deal for you! You get two scans - the DXA and the Fit3d which measure body fat and composition, and you get a test/retest - one before the challenge and one 8-12 weeks after your first scan, to track your progress.  Both scans are $150 each - $300 total.  Sign up as part of the challenge and get them both + the test/restest for only $99.  AND, if you complete your test in December, they'll give you another $20 off for $79!!

Sign up here or call to set up your appointment: 612-564-0332 and let them know you're in the Fly Feet Challenge.