If you're one of those people who love to look at data then DexaFit is for you. It is the gold standard for testing body composition, resting metabolic rate, and Vo2 Max. When you want to know exactly what progress you've made at FlyFeet, DexaFit is for you. 

We've partnered with DexaFit Minneapolis and have a deal for you! You get baseline testing with the DXA body composition scanner as well as a 3D body scan, providing the ultimate before picture.  After the challenge, you'll come back and do the same two tests to reveal your awesome progress with FlyFeet! At retail this would cost $300, however, when you sign up as part of the challenge you'll get to perform your baseline and follow up testing for only $99. AND, if you complete your test in December they will give you another $10 off for $89!!

Sign up here or call to set up your appointment: 612-564-0332 and let them know you're in the Fly Feet Challenge.