Louise Martin

Fly Feet Running - Lily Dobson

Louise Martin


“Work hard, laugh harder”

Louise works hard to not take herself too seriously, and believes fully in the power of laughter in bringing people together. This belief has been a powerful balance to Louise’s instinctive intensity, which comes through in nearly everything she undertakes, particularly athletic endeavors. Louise was a two-sport college athlete at Carleton College, where she captained both the Swimming & Diving and Golf teams. Louise loved the duality of both sports, with each offering tangible ways to compete against yourself and others on individual- and team-levels.

Louise is at her best when she is part of a team; she loves building relationships with others and naturally pushes herself and her teammates to seek continuous improvement. This has made Fly Feet feel like a home away from home - flyers treat each other like teammates, showing genuine care, and they are constantly driving to run faster, lift more, and move better.

Prior to coaching at Fly Feet, Louise taught yoga sculpt at CorePower Yoga for close to 3 years, where she learned to never underestimate the power of the playlist! She has brought this to her Fly Feet playlists, and is always on the hunt for that next pump-up jam.

By day, Louise works in strategy and execution at Target, where she explores consumer behavior, business models, and market trends. When she’s not at Fly Feet or Target, you can find her enjoying the simpler things in life, among them couch time with her husband, Ty, and their Great Dane, Cooper, sunsets, walks around Lake Harriet, catching up with friends over a latte or game night, singing along to the radio in the car, and enjoying a home-cooked meal with family.