Lesley Newhouse

Fly Feet Running - Lesley Neshouse

Lesley Newhouse

Marketing Director

“I believe we often underestimate ourselves but when someone you trust pushes you, you realize what you’re really made of."

Lesley is an "early adaptor" of Fly Feet.  She's always thrived on challenge in her professional world but she didn’t know what it meant to find her edge until she started flying.  While she’s spent plenty of time in the corporate world as a high level executive building teams and helping companies achieve their goals, her love of doing it "together” brought her to this side of Fly Feet.  You’ll find her next to you pushing through the treadmill work because she says she’s not a runner but she welcomes the floor work.  When she’s not working or working out you might find her practicing her coaching skills on the field (or the studio) with her two kids