Colin Berry

Fly Feet Running - Coach Colin Berry

Colin Berry


Those who believe they can and those who believe they cannot are both right.”

Colin is an Iowa native who left home for snowier pastures in June of 2018. He knew about Flyfeet through friends and was immediately interested in joining the team. He has a degree in music education from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. His background in education is evident through his authentic interactions with flyers and his genuine interest in who they are outside of the studio. For Colin, community and competition are not mutually exclusive.

Colin’s move to Minnesota and Flyfeet has changed his life. Always spending time thinking about helping others, Flyfeet provides a great reminder that helping others is easier when he is living into the best version of himself. Colin loves getting to know those around him and the deeper the conversation, the better. Opera singer, composer, high school teacher, semi-pro athlete, fitness coach…  The connection is that Colin seeks whatever sets his soul on fire. He believes that passions may change, but being passionate cannot. If something grips him, he chases it.