Amy Olson

Fly Feet Running - Amy Olson

Amy Olson

Director of Coaches Development, Head coach

“You were made to be bold, to take risks, and explore new territory. You were made to help others. You are nothing short of magnificent. Own it.”

Amy lives each day with the intention of leaving a positive impact on each person she encounters. Amy has led a competitive lifestyle, participating in a variety of sports throughout her life and into college where she served as the captain of the women’s hockey team at St. Cloud State University. With a passion for people, places, and experiences, she is always up for a new adventure whether it’s a destination race, food tour, or a last minute flight to explore a new city. Amy comes to Fly Feet with a desire to show people how to push themselves past their perceived limitations and overcome challenges both inside the studio and beyond. Her infectious smile and desire to squeeze the most out of every day, will no doubt leave you amped to tackle whatever comes your way.