Joey Kinnan

Fly Feet Running - Coach Joey

Joey Kinnan


"The extra mile is never crowded"

Joey hopes to have a positive impact on those around him and believes that true kindness is a universal language. Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. He have always loved the ability we as humans have to express ourselves physically. From a young age, you could find Joey outside - in the lake, playing wiffle ball or on my bike. He found a love for football throughout high school and was lucky enough to play in college at St. John's University. Transitioning out of football and learning through a handful of injuries, he became quite intrigued with how the body moves, adapts, and functions optimally in all realms. All the way from the biochemistry to kinesiology. This has grown into a passion for physical self discovery and education in all forms. At Fly Feet, Joey’s goal is to both connect with people and and help them realize all they are capable of. You can otherwise find him happiest outdoors, traveling, and/or enjoying some really good food.