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Tread & Shred

Using a hiit approach, our group classes are created with a variety between cardio, strength and mobility. No two workouts are the same to help drive faster and more meaningful change. 


Focused specifically on all things running; speed, endurance, technique, and mental tenacity, designed to help you crush your next race. 


Focuses on improving functional strength and power. Open to all levels.


This is the only Fly Feet workout that repeats so that you can track your progress by the numbers, identify the gaps, and chase down your own personal goals. You’ll track your own speed, reps and weights. This workout occurs quarterly. Learn more here.


Prep Session

A 20 minute prep session to get you ready for your first class. Get a demo of the workout, learn about the movements, get familiar with the equipment and the Fly Feet philosophy. This is optional! Email the studio for your session.




Run Club

A crew that wants to chase goals, get better, support each other, learn more, and share in our energy and passion for running. The Run Club is home base for anyone looking for more in the world of running and how Fly Feet can get you there. It is for all levels, all paces, and all fun. Learn More

team Training

Private 1-hour class for teams of up to 30 athletes where two coaches work on proper form and mechanics, a conditioning block to work on speed, power and aerobic capacity, and a cool down where we’ll finish with mobility. This training is similar to what our MN United athletes, Christian Ramirez and Miguel Ibarra did in the offseason with us.   Learn More





Team Building

The bedrock of a high performing, high functioning team, is the ability to work together toward a common goal despite obstacles, hard work and competition. Bring your team to Fly Feet for the ultimate private team building experience where you’ll have the opportunity to do just that in a super fun and engaging environment. Think of it as a high intensity learning exercise where you’ll push your limits and discovery your team’s hidden potential. Learn More


Lunch & Learn

We will come to your office for an hour and give your employees our 10 Best Tips to crush their goals. Whether it’s to lose that extra 5 lbs., PR the next race, or just live a healthier life. You provide the lunch (or brown-bag it) and we’ll provide the prizes!  Learn More

Private Classes

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, bachelor weekend or want a specific workout we can customize your event to make it everything you've ever dreamed of. Learn More


Individual Gait Analysis

30 minute session with a coach to learn how to run more efficiently and effectively. Learn how to work through injuries that are caused by poor mechanics, exercises for how to build strength in key areas to become a stronger runner, and key mobility movements for longevity and proper recovery.  $50 for non-members, $35 for members.  Learn More