Athlete Training

Wayzata Studio

Private class for teams of up to 30 athletes. One hour long and consists of a robust warm up and prep where two coaches work on proper form and mechanics, a conditioning block to work on speed, power and aerobic capacity, and a cool down where we’ll finish with mobility.  Think sprints on the tread and body weight strength work on the floor.  This training is similar to what our MN United athletes, Christian Ramirez and Miguel Ibarra did in the offseason with us.  (Read their blog here!)

Fly Feet sessions for our 11 and 12 year old players have been great for developing fundamental physical/athletic traits necessary to play at elite levels such as speed, power, agility, strength and endurance. These sessions have also shown our players that their ceiling/capabilities are higher than they think which produces and environment that constantly motivates them to reach that potential. Lastly, these sessions build confidence within each player on the physical level which naturally translates to other technical/tactical aspects of sports. These sessions have been an important part of our individual and team growth and i would recommend it to anyone
— - CJ Peszneker, Fusion Travel Soccer Coach
Fly Feet Team Training