Rethink how far your workout can take you.

Fly Feet accelerates group fitness beyond static routines to get you in the best shape of your life. Period.

Each exhilarating session transforms your body and mind through a high-intensity regimen of speed, hills, intervals, strength and stretching that’s always changing. The experience is powered by knowledgeable coaches who help you break down barriers to be fitter, faster, farther, stronger — before, during and after the workout.

The feeling is singular. The results are tangible. Like anything worth doing, it’s a challenge. Yet side by side with fitness-seekers and endorphin addicts of all levels, we push each other to that thrilling peak where our fitness goals and fitness reality meet. 

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Because the coaches have shown me that they believe I’m capable and worthy of being a member of the team, I’m slowly starting to believe it myself. A funny thing happens on those days when I remind myself that being a part of Fly Feet isn’t contingent on my weight, the number of reps I can do, or what speed my tread is set, but rather simply because all are welcome and all belong- it always winds up being my best day physically.
— Whitney F