Fly with our fearless leaders.

Fly Feet coaches include Division I athletes, exercise scientists, and others uniquely qualified to make your power hour count. Our squad is all in. They guide, push and inspire you minute by minute while creating adrenalized moments that sweep everyone up in a collective YAASSS. As you get stronger, you also get smarter. By showing you the “why” behind the workout, our coaches hand you the keys to total-body transformation. 

Kristin Shane, founder of Fly Feet Running

Kristin Shane

“I want to inspire people to take a chance on themselves.”

Kristin is the chief dream-follower at Fly Feet Running. After years of building businesses as a retail executive, she started Fly Feet in 2016 to realize her own vision: a thrilling high-intensity workout that meets people where they are on their fitness journey and helps them make measurable progress. It’s part of Kristin’s lifelong pursuit of her personal best, from the boardroom to the fitness studio to the elite marathon circuit (she’s completed 15, including Boston). She also has an MBA, was a Peace Corps volunteer, and is an unstoppable mom to her three young children.

Aaron Leventhal, director of fitness at Fly Feet Running

Aaron Leventhal
Director of Fitness

“I live for that point where someone moves past what they thought they could do. That’s where the magic happens.” 

Aaron has spent his career navigating the outer limits of endurance, from eight years playing professional soccer for the Minnesota Thunder, to current owner of Fit Studio, to working as a strength and conditioning coach for elite athletes. Aaron joined Fly Feet to invent a workout like no other: one grounded in exercise science to get all types of people in the best shape of their lives. He holds a B.S. degree in Health and Fitness as well as nine other fitness and nutrition designations. When not lifting spirits and pulses in our studio, you’ll find Aaron kicking it with his family.

Ben Shane, COO at Fly Feet Running

Ben Shane

“We are creating something new in the world of fitness. There’s never been anything like it.”

Ben helped nurture the Fly Feet concept from the ground up, creating the financial and operational foundation that lets Fly Feet soar. His current role unites a personal love of fitness with a long career of making things happen for fast-moving companies. Prior to Fly Feet, Ben held leadership roles at Coca-Cola and Target and began his career at a Fortune 100 consulting firm. He has a B.A. in Economics and an MBA in Marketing. Away from the office, Ben is a runner, sports coach to his kids and loyal Cubs fan.

Jason Dehler, VP and General Manager at Fly Feet Running

Jason Dehler
VP and General Manager

“The more people we inspire to be healthy, the better we do. There is no limit.”

Jason keeps Fly Feet amped, equipped and ready for action. He lives to help people get healthier, expand their limits, and level up for the next challenge. Jason has a B.A. in Financial Economics, he’s fluent in Spanish and has traveled extensively in Spain and Argentina. Working at innovation powerhouses like IDEO and LinkedIn, Jason learned how businesses can have a positive impact in the world. At Fly Feet, his ambitions are equally lofty: inspiring as many people as possible to reach their fitness pinnacle — a job that’s never done.

Heidi Henriksen, Director of Coaching at Fly Feet Running

Heidi Henriksen
Director of Coaching

“A good challenge is the most rewarding thing on earth.”

A truly world-class athlete, Heidi wakes up every morning with an unquenchable thirst to compete and inspire others to greatness. She wants everyone who steps into Fly Feet to know, whether fitness diehards or new to the treadmill, that they have the tools to become their strongest, healthiest self. As a coach with an extensive yoga pedigree, she guides people to movements that excite them on the path to physical and spiritual self-discovery. Heidi fought her way to a spot on the National Women’s Boxing Team in 2014 and competed for a spot in the 2015 Olympic Trials. When she's not in the ring, doing yoga, or in our studio Heidi lives for time with her family, good food and the latest issue of Vogue.

Rachel Beise, coach at Fly Feet Running

Rachel Beise

“I’m here to slay dragons and see glory —and inspire everyone to join me.”

Much more than a job, Rachel sees coaching as an act of love and personal investment. A former NCAA Division I rower, Big Ten Women’s Rowing coach, and devoted personal trainer, Rachel empowers people to set lofty goals and race toward them. With her B.S. degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science, she brings a scientific understanding of functional movement to the adrenaline-fueled fun of Fly Feet workouts. When she is not flying with the pack in the studio, she and her husband enjoy being active members of their church and teaching rowing at a local rowing club.  Rachel’s philosophy is anything but timid. She believes we have to battle tough challenges to appreciate the glories all around us. We couldn’t agree more.

Laura Docherty, coach at Fly Feet Running

Laura Docherty

“There is no greater feeling than helping people find their strength. With that, anything’s possible.”

Laura is down for the team. She shows up every day ready to fire people up and show them how much they’re capable of. She’s a former Division I cross-country runner, a high school track and field coach, and the all-time record-holder at the University of Minnesota for the 10k. With a competitive spirit and deep well of motivation that inspire people on and off the treadmill, Fly Feet is the job Laura was born to do. When not leading the fitness faithful, Laura is seeking her runner’s high, next music fix, and a sweet, simple life.

Madeline Strandemo, Marketing Intern at Fly Feet Running

Madeline Strandemo
Marketing Intern

“Working out HARD is the best kind of fun.”

Madeline blends I-can-do-anything spirit with serious fitness prowess to help keep Fly Feet humming. A Division I cross-country runner and passionate team player, she knows there’s no better way to work out than surrounded by teammates or friends. As our fearless intern, Madeline is pumped to be a part of a movement that brings her favorite things together: fitness, running and the power of the pack. She’s a fluent Mandarin speaker completing dual degrees in Asian Languages and Literature and Marketing.

Trish Kozlak, coach at Fly Feet Running

Trish Kozlak

“I want to inspire others to capture the joys of everyday life and turn daydreams into reality”

Trish relishes in inspiring others to push their limits, conquer fears, and find success.  That’s how she lives her life.  She spent most of her younger years as a competitive figure skater, achieving the highest level in U.S. Figure Skating.  That competitive spirit and perpetual drive to seek out her best, led her to sink her teeth into the marathon circuit, finishing 18 marathons all over the world, including Boston, NYC, Paris and Munich.  As a Fly Feet coach, Trish’s energy and inspiration pushes you to places you didn’t think possible.  When she’s not running with the pack, her best days include a good cup of coffee, a really good sweat, and the best champagne.

Brenna Kolar, Sales Associate at Fly Feet Running

Brenna Kolar
Sales Associate

"Curiosity is key; Being curious about how far you can push yourself will open doors you never knew existed. Stay curious.”

To Brenna, the best part about working on all the fitness angles – mental, emotional, and physical – is that the work is never done; there are always ways to improve. Pushing her limits, finding out what she can do, is where Brenna thrives. 

A runner herself, she was born and raised in Duluth, and graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in marketing, and is currently pursuing her MBA. She is constantly moving! 

Fun-loving and energetic, she promises to always welcome everyone with a warm smile, words of encouragement, and she’s not afraid to give sweaty high-fives. Brenna finds that one of the best things about a community like Fly Feet is being surrounded by people that share a common goal – discovering their best and strongest self - and finds it an honor be part of that journey.