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Twin Cities voted "Fittest City" in the US

Twin Cities voted "Fittest City" in the US

How amazing is it that we live in the fittest city in the whole US of A??  The Twin Cities edged out Washington D.C. as The Fittest City in the American Fitness Index as measured by the American College of Sports Medicine.  Listen to Kristin on the new Twin Cities in Motion podcast, "Move Together" talking about our new designation and how amazing it is to live in such a fit city!

Going organic could save your life.

Going organic could save your life.

Standing in the grocery store with an overflowing cart and kids restless to leave, making the tradeoff for conventional foods that are readily available and a lot less expensive sometimes seems like the right call instead of hunting around for their more expensive organic counterpart.  However, after reading this study, you might change your mind.  We did. 

Friday Fly Feature: Whitney B.

Friday Fly Feature:  Whitney B.

As coaches we understand that nerves and the intimidation factor can be in the forefront of your mind when grabbing that piece of chalk and side-eyeing the butcher paper. However, we know that the second you let yourself be vulnerable in the studio there is no limit to what can happen. Check out the ah-mazing Whitney B.'s story ... from nerves to now chasing her best! :) 

Fly Feet Games

My two favorite things to do as a kid were either play games or be outside. And if I could do BOTH and the game involved physical activity outside it was basically the best day ever! (And by “when I was a kid” I actually mean currently as a 26 year old...) There is just something about active games and fresh air and sunshine that are glorious for my soul.  Now living in Minnesota, I feel the pull even more to soak up the months where the inside of your nose doesn’t freeze as soon as you step outside….how does summer fly by so fast???! We may never know that answer, but at Fly Feet we want to soak it up with YOU while it is here!


Introducing: Fly Feet Games

Fly Feet Running - Games

Fly Feet Games is a five-week series of outdoor training sessions every Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. at The Commons in August. We have pulled together the brain trust of the coaches and created some super fun team workouts at the Commons together as a Fly Feet family. Like all Fly Feet workouts, all abilities and speeds are welcome and it will only be as challenging as you make it.  And, if you, like me, are motivated by some good old fashioned competition, you will get a chance to win points each workout that will add up to your overall score. At the final workout we will announce our athletes that won Gold, Silver, and Bronze. (You do not have to tally your scores if you do not want to! This is just an option for those of us who thrive in competition.) Each workout is totally different and you do not have to bring your own team to come. Just show up and we’ll organize everyone into teams.  Come and play with us!



  • Each Wednesday in August – 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23, 8/30

  • 6:00 p.m.

  • The Commons – 425 Portland Ave. S. (right in front of US Bank Stadium)

  • Free for members.  Non-members, use your class pack. 

  • Sign up online!

  • Get ready to have SO. MUCH. FUN.