This week's programming: AUGUST 14 - DYNAMIC WARM UP

There are many times when warming up can feel boring, or hard, or just an extra step when all we really want to do is crush the real deal... but this week we are talking about how important the warm up is in order to get the VERY BEST quality out of our workout. In the world of professional sports a warm up might look something like this: 10 am is when the real training session starts, but the players are asked to arrive at 8 am. That’s a 2-hour window before the session even starts! The warm up takes up to 45 minutes before actual training even begins. We know that a good warm up is key to peak performance in both physiological and mental aspects.

Physiologically we get our core body temperature to rise and we make our bodies hit end ranges of motion in our shoulders and hips by performing dynamic movements such as squats, push ups, and fast running. The mental aspect is getting your mind focused on what is happening in the training session versus everything else that is going on in our lives. The warm up should provide a chance to focus on the task at hand and get into our individual flow state - the state of mind that allows us to multi-task, move faster, accomplish more, and achieve laser-focus. Everyone has different tools to get into their flow state like music, breathing, etc. The warm up should provide an atmosphere that allows each athlete to find that flow state.

Get ready because every day this week we will offer up different types of warm ups that will help you find your perfect flow state!

All Hail the Treadmighty,

Your Fly Crew

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