THIS WEEK'S PROGRAMMING - december 18: the power of the kick

Sometime we need to take a step back from what all the science tells us, particularly in our approach to finishing. Some of the very best programs take a bit from science and a bit from what we know works emotionally to keep our athletes performing at peak.  

The science tells us to do our power, speed, and skill work that are more taxing on our central nervous system first, and then finish a training session with longer efforts that don’t require as much technique and skill.  

This means that time trials, sprints, and speedy final push efforts are now all trained when fresh at the beginning of a training session. However, once in awhile it goes a long way for the athlete to flip this model and be asked to perform technical work or speed work after doing longer efforts. Why? Because emotionally, it’s important for athletes to understand that in overtime, on the last lap or the final mile, you have to be able to access some effort that represents your final push at a faster pace, heavier load, or more aggressive intensity.

So come kick it with us this week in the studio!

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